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May, 2002

31st May, 2002
   New Game: Urbagility (2 Comments)
   News: Spiffy link (7 Comments)
   New Game: Rollerball? (No Comments)
   New Game: Klik Wolfenstein (4 Comments)
30th May, 2002
   New Game: Entrance Gate Demo (No Comments)
   New Game: Turkey Sub (2 Comments)
   New Game: Flymo Racers (1 Comments)
   Daily Click News (11 Comments)
29th May, 2002
   New Game: Elk Special Edition (No Comments)
   New from clickteam: V-Chat Beta (10 Comments)
   New Game: Al's Home (6 Comments)
   Winner and New Game Of The Week Award (12 Comments)
28th May, 2002
   New Preview: Turret Gunner (No Comments)
   Messy week (3 Comments)
   New Trailer: Freak Fight 3 trailer (No Comments)
   Start Clicking, Start Winning! (5 Comments)
27th May, 2002
   New Game: Air Pop Neo (No Comments)
   Start Clicking, Start Winning! (33 Comments)
   New Tutorial: Fast Objects (No Comments)
26th May, 2002
   New Trailer: Unmarked Graves (No Comments)
   New Preview: Ballz 2 (No Comments)
   News: And the winner is.... (3 Comments)
   News: Desktop Compo (No Comments)
   New Preview: Lance Online (No Comments)
25th May, 2002
   New Preview: Operation Sitting Duck 2 (2 Comments)
   News: Poll Results (15 Comments)
   Click News: Help wanted for 2 games (No Comments)
   New Preview: Super Milber Kart (3 Comments)
   New Preview: Coop Online (No Comments)
24th May, 2002
   New Preview: Planet Chubbles (6 Comments)
   New Preview: Shoplifter (4 Comments)
   New/old Game: Gingerbread Man (1 Comments)
   New Preview: Nexus (1 Comments)
   New Preview: The Last Heroes (No Comments)
   New Preview: The game with no name (No Comments)
   New Game: Blackjack Solitaire (2 Comments)
   New Game: Way of the fist (No Comments)
23rd May, 2002
   New Game: Frozen in time (No Comments)
   New Preview: Turkey Sub (No Comments)
   Non klik news: Your Desktop (27 Comments)
   New Game: Star Legend (2 Comments)
   New Preview: Mageling (No Comments)
21st May, 2002
   Mode 7 Ex (19 Comments)
   That night before returns! (No Comments)
   new Preview: Darklord (5 Comments)
20th May, 2002
   New Preview: Milber (9 Comments)
   New Preview: Un-Named RPG (1 Comments)
   New Preview: Save Tamy (1 Comments)
   New Tutorial: Swinging a rope (No Comments)
18th May, 2002
   New Preview: Sleep Dreams 2 (No Comments)
   New Game: Powerbots (No Comments)
   New Game: Naits (1 Comments)
   New Game: Alien Defence 2010 (No Comments)
   New Game Of The Week! (4 Comments)
   New (p)review: Future Fantasy (4 Comments)
   New Preview: Riotsphere (No Comments)
   Links: Cafelite gets a new design (6 Comments)
   New Game: Realms Rpg (2 Comments)
17th May, 2002
   New Preview: Terminal Orbit (1 Comments)
   New Game: Combat Zone (No Comments)
   New Preview: Unnamed car game (No Comments)
   New game: Jock & Marc (No Comments)
   Preview: Shift 247 - Advanced Racer (1 Comments)
   New Preview: Ignac 2 (2 Comments)
   New Demo: That Night Before Part 4 (No Comments)
16th May, 2002
   non klik news: Star wars 2 Attack of the clones! (22 Comments)
   New Preview: Arctic Warfare (2 Comments)
   New Game: Jiggle (No Comments)
15th May, 2002
   New Engine: 3d tgf (No Comments)
   New Game: House of the Boué (1 Comments)
   New Preview: Strategic Front (No Comments)
   Game Of The Week Page Returns (2 Comments)
   New preview: Freak Fight 3 (No Comments)
   News: New mode 7 extension! (9 Comments)
14th May, 2002
   New Game: Hover Wars 2 (5 Comments)
   Hot news: Free web space (4 Comments)
   Welcome back (32 Comments)
   New Game: Brainless (No Comments)




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