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August, 2002

30th August, 2002
   New Game: HoogHaar (demo) (No Comments)
   Competition: It's All Over (22 Comments)
29th August, 2002
   New Game: Save The Earth (No Comments)
28th August, 2002
   New Game Of The Week Award! (5 Comments)
   New Preview: Black Squall (No Comments)
27th August, 2002
   New game: Omega Bash (No Comments)
26th August, 2002
   New Game: Outbound (demo) (1 Comments)
25th August, 2002
   New Preview: Urban Joe (No Comments)
   New Game: Chomp (No Comments)
24th August, 2002
   New Demo: Longways of Boueville (No Comments)
   New Game: Extreme Malice (No Comments)
23rd August, 2002
   New Game: Pájaro Racing (1 Comments)
   New Magazine: Klik Universe #1 (4 Comments)
22nd August, 2002
   New Game: Clickanoid v1.0(demo) (No Comments)
21st August, 2002
   New Game Of The Week Award! (6 Comments)
   New Game: Soda Junky 2 (No Comments)
20th August, 2002
   New Game: Khameleon (No Comments)
19th August, 2002
   New Game: PaintWar 2 (No Comments)
18th August, 2002
   New Game: Soccer Freak (2 Comments)
   New Game: Cerberus (No Comments)
   New Community Site (4 Comments)
17th August, 2002
   New Game: Bananarama (No Comments)
   New Movie: The Breakroom (No Comments)
16th August, 2002
   New Article: Basic Vector Tutorials (No Comments)
15th August, 2002
   New Game: BII-NARY (No Comments)
14th August, 2002
   New Game: Gravitorb 2 (No Comments)
   New Game Of The Week! (8 Comments)
   New Game: Metal Hulk (1 Comments)
13th August, 2002
   New ClickZine!!!!!!! (25 Comments)
   Nw Game: Space Invaders (Reaper Edition) Demo (No Comments)
   Reviews (8 Comments)
12th August, 2002
   Community Comic (13 Comments)
   New Game: WRC - Rallicross (1 Comments)
11th August, 2002
   New Preview: Cave-In Prospector's Revenge (1 Comments)
   New Game: Flun (No Comments)
   New Articles (No Comments)
   New Game: Viper-Plus (No Comments)
   New Game: Little Penguin's Big Arctic Adventure (No Comments)
9th August, 2002
   Competition Page is Back (No Comments)
   New Game: FUTURE FANTASY: Isle Excursion! (No Comments)
   New Game: Artillery (No Comments)
   New Game: connect FOUR online (No Comments)
   New Game: Turkey Sub 2 (1.5) (No Comments)
8th August, 2002
   New Game: Robo Wars (No Comments)
   New Game: Thod - demo (No Comments)
   New Preview: Crystalmoon Knight (No Comments)
   New Preview: Terminal Orbit (No Comments)
   New Article: Sprting Traps (No Comments)
   New Preview: Realms RPG 2 - The Awakening (No Comments)
   Community News: V-cade 3 (No Comments)
   Dc news update (2 Comments)
3rd August, 2002
   New Classic Game: Bazooka Jim (No Comments)
   New Topic: Original VS Fan made games (No Comments)
2nd August, 2002
   Game Update: Sucky Sock (No Comments)
   New Preview: Cat (No Comments)
   Dc News (1 Comments)
   Competition Reminder (4 Comments)
1st August, 2002
   New Game: Legends of Xandor (4 Comments)
   New Game: Sweet Legends v1.2 (No Comments)
   New Game Of The Week! (No Comments)
   New Game: Spiderman (No Comments)




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