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July, 2002

31st July, 2002
   New Preview: OHM (No Comments)
30th July, 2002
   New Preview: Schoolyard cup soccer (3 Comments)
29th July, 2002
   The Review Zone Update (3 Comments)
   News from Kevin Smets (19 Comments)
   New Classic Game: Atom Boy 2 (1 Comments)
28th July, 2002
   New Game: Handy Man (No Comments)
   New Preview: Soccer Freak (1 Comments)
26th July, 2002
   New Preview: Spidermaze (No Comments)
   New Game: Jam 1.2 (No Comments)
   Dc Update (3 Comments)
   New Preview: Worm Wars 3 (1 Comments)
25th July, 2002
   New Game: Freefall (No Comments)
   New Review: Poke & Gravy Party (No Comments)
24th July, 2002
   New Game: Trooper Hockey League (No Comments)
   New Game Of The Week! (No Comments)
   New Preview: ILLUSION (No Comments)
   New Community Sites (11 Comments)
23rd July, 2002
   New Game: BI-NARY (2 Comments)
   New Preview: The Sims "Click Style" (2 Comments)
22nd July, 2002
   Community News: GameSpy Article (12 Comments)
   New Preview: Entertainment Park (3 Comments)
   The Click Ezine (21 Comments)
21st July, 2002
   New Game: Snowball (No Comments)
   New Preview: Mission X 2 (No Comments)
   Click Convention (16 Comments)
19th July, 2002
   Dc News: Click Faq (4 Comments)
   New Preview: Gaston (No Comments)
18th July, 2002
   New Game: Crazycrossbows 2 (demo) (No Comments)
   New Game Of The Week! (No Comments)
   New Game: Robotic Invasion 2 (No Comments)
   New Preview: Skate Around (No Comments)
16th July, 2002
   New Game: HeliumMan-X (No Comments)
   New Article: Why Clicking Is Still Fun (No Comments)
   New Game: Super Puzzle Shaft (1 Comments)
15th July, 2002
   New Article: Is the community still fun? (14 Comments)
   New Preview: Soda Junky 2 (No Comments)
13th July, 2002
   Dc News: Avatar Mini Compo (No Comments)
12th July, 2002
   New Preview: Explosive Galaxy (No Comments)
   New Article: Arcade Creator (No Comments)
11th July, 2002
   New Preview: Termination Timeline Arena (No Comments)
   New Game Of The Week! (1 Comments)
10th July, 2002
   New Preview: B3 (No Comments)
   New Preview: Wibble Wacky World (No Comments)
   New Preview: Lump (No Comments)
9th July, 2002
   New Game: Ninjets XF (3 Comments)
   New Preview: SprintShoe (No Comments)
8th July, 2002
   New Preview: Provisory (No Comments)
   New community Site (3 Comments)
7th July, 2002
   Community News: iclickzone is back! (10 Comments)
   New Preview: Baggumin (No Comments)
6th July, 2002
   New Game: Jha-Tan Deathmatch (No Comments)
5th July, 2002
   New Game: Cosmic Gems (No Comments)
4th July, 2002
   New Game: Snow Lift (No Comments)
   New Article: Why get MMF 1.5? (No Comments)
   New Game: Knights of the Triangle (No Comments)
   New Game: Virus (No Comments)
   New Patch: Vitalize for I.E6 (2 Comments)
   New Game: Quest West (No Comments)
3rd July, 2002
   New Game Of The Week Award! (9 Comments)
   New Preview: karactis (No Comments)
2nd July, 2002
   New Game: Dark Moon (No Comments)
   New Preview: Earth Torn (No Comments)
   Dc News: Articles is back.. woohoo! (17 Comments)
   New Game: The Dead (1 Comments)
1st July, 2002
   Competition: OMG YAY UPDATE (15 Comments)




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