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July, 2009

30th July, 2009
   New Site Launched: Pixel Prospector (14 Comments)
29th July, 2009
   La Mulana coming to WiiWare (23 Comments)
28th July, 2009
   SAGE Expo is open! (12 Comments)
   Lunnye Devitsy Released (38 Comments)
26th July, 2009
   Click Convention is today! (17 Comments)
24th July, 2009
   Click Convention LIVE! (16 Comments)
   New Downloads (No Comments)
   Member News: Radix gets a 1up! (11 Comments)
21st July, 2009
   New Beta: Jade Phoenix (Beta 1) (No Comments)
20th July, 2009
   Sidebar Updates (24 Comments)
   Q&A for Francois for the Click Convention 2009 (2 Comments)
19th July, 2009
   New Donation: Spítznagl (11 Comments)
   New Game: Kung Fu 2 (6 Comments)
15th July, 2009
   Fancy a Trip to Las Vegas? (33 Comments)
14th July, 2009
   New Project Update: The Delaware Undead and KNP For Sale! (16 Comments)
13th July, 2009
   Klikdisc Accepting Content Submissions (10 Comments)
9th July, 2009
   Independent Games Festival 2010 now taking submissions! (25 Comments)
8th July, 2009
   New Games: Wargame, Little Bee, and MidgetTanks Online (No Comments)
   GOTM JUNE Winners! (15 Comments)
7th July, 2009
   W3R3W00F's Compo drawing to a close (7 Comments)
5th July, 2009
   New Game: Bulletsss (16 Comments)
   Ion Adventures looking for beta testers (4 Comments)
3rd July, 2009
   OINC 1.0 Internet Controller released (11 Comments)




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