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The ghost of Halloween games past...
News posted 31st October, 2019 by Joshtek 3 Comments

Happy Halloween everyone! For those feeling in a spooky mood I've put together a selection of Halloween games from years gone by...

Made in Multimedia Fusion 2:

Made in Multimedia Fusion 1.5:

Made in The Games Factory:

Oh, and click here to change to the Halloween theme for The Daily Click!

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Reunion planned for Klik MMORPG Smileyhouse
News posted 26th August, 2019 by Joshtek 13 Comments

SmileyHouse was a fun and quirky MMORPG made in Multimedia Fusion using MooClick that was active between 2002 and 2008 where everyone had their own customisable smiley. It featured player-on-player combat, enemy monsters to fight, mining, fishing, cooking, quests, rubber chickens, dungeons and of course tree shaking. Many of the players were, perhaps unsurprisingly, members of the Klik community, and ended up joining in with the development of the game by making their own mini-games, contributing graphics, or suggesting ideas. I ended up joining the team pretty early on, but the main author is LittleWashu AKA Code6.

Code6 will be turning his Jamagic-based servers back on for a reunion event which kicks off on Sunday the 22nd of September 2019 (1PM EST, which is 6PM BST or 5pm UTC). He has even recovered everyone's old player accounts from a 2010 backup. At present there are no plans for the official server to remain up for more than a few days after the event so be sure to put it in your calendar.

For more information you can check out the Official SmileyHouse Reunion website. The whole event will be organised via the SmileyHouse Discord so those taking part are advised to join the chat for technical support and general discussion. People are also encouraged to spread the news about this reunion amongst the community, especially for those in touch with people who used to play the game back in the day.

Three new (old?) entries in the Click Museum
News posted 24th August, 2019 by Joshtek 6 Comments

Check out the latest additions to the Klik Museum as suggested by TDC members:

Eternal Daughter, an epic platformer by Derek Yu and Jon Perry of Blackeye Software (suggested by Piscean).

Jonny RPG, an experimental semi-autobiographical action adventure game by Jonathan Smeby (suggested by Fish20 and UrbankMonk).

Monster and Monster Jr, circa 1997 platform games by Mike P. Vickner (suggested by nanoco).

Check out the rest of the Click Museum at

Suggest a classic game for the Click Museum
News posted 12th April, 2019 by Joshtek 7 Comments

The Click Museum is a place for treasured classic games made with Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create and Multimedia Fusion. Do you think we are missing any key classics from our Click Museum collection? Let us know in the comments!

We are especially interested in hearing why you think the game is a 'classic'. Is it because it was an early game that became a cultural touchstone? Did it inspire you to make your own games? Was it just really fun?

No need to be shy - nomination of your own games is fine if you think they meet the criteria so long as you let us know that you were involved in the game's development.

We would also like to hear from developers behind games in the museum: Why did you decide to make the game? What was it like to develop the game? Was there any notable difficulties that you faced or neat tricks that you used? Were you inspired by other Click games? What did you make of the reception of the game then, and what do you think of the game now after all this time?

Fusion 2.5+ has been released and Fusion 3 update
News posted 2nd April, 2019 by Joshtek Post A Comment

It was delayed slightly because Steam doesn't like releases on Sundays, but Clickteam Fusion+ DLC has now been released! The price has also been revealed at $59.99 USD but will be on sale for the first two weeks for $49.99 USD (around 40). Fusion 2.5+ is an add-on, so you will need to already have Fusion 2.5. Based on what Clickteam have said (see below) the fact that this is released is a paid-for add-on is due to a combination of Fusion 3 being some way off and Fusion being on a purchase model rather than a subscription model. Because Fusion 2.5+ is an add-on Fusion 2.5 will still get updates like bug fixes.

There are a number of features I've not detailed on my previous Fusion 2.5+ posts, including the ability to define up to 260 named alterable values and strings per object (compared with 26 for each previously). As noted in the comments section of the previous post the child events system was one which was originally discussed as part of the Multimedia Fusion 2 private beta and was subsequently touted as a feature of Clickteam Fusion 3.

Speaking of Fusion 3, Clickteam recently stated in a Facebook post that they "are still working hard on Fusion 3 but due to some delays due to change in staff and some other factors, it will be some time yet". A recent Clickteam forum post from Clickteam's UK Manager Simon Pittock responds to queries about the console exporter service by stating that: "...Clickteam needs to earn realistic profit for the amount of development time we expend, in order to drive the Fusion 3 line (and Fusion 2.5 / Fusion 2.5+ / exporters) hard with heavy investment in new developers and resources...Users very loudly said "NO" to subscription model so we have to realistically balance revenue streams to ensure that along with being accessible, Fusion 3 makes more money and drives the company forward."

Fusion 2.5+ Sub-Events, Profiler and Release Date
News posted 9th March, 2019 by Joshtek 6 Comments

We noted back in January 2019 that Clickteam were working on both Fusion 2.5+ and Fusion 3. Since then we have no heard much about Fusion 3, but we have had two blog posts detailed some of the new features in Clickteam Fusion 2.5+.

In their Fusion 2.5+ Sub Events blog post, Clickteam talk about how their introduction of 'child events' makes it easier to develop and maintain your game 'code'.

Meanwhile, focusing on a difference type of performance improvement, Clickteam's Fusion 2.5 Profiler Spotlight shows off a new tool to help people identify performance bottlenecks

The Sub-events blog post also contained another bit of information... a release date announcement! According to Clickteam: "You will be able to get your hands on it by the 31st March 2019". We are still waiting on a price announcement.

New Game: Space Tyranny
News posted 23rd January, 2019 by Rikus 3 Comments
Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone is having a great 2019 so far. And a big thank you to Joshtek for keeping the site alive also. And look at this we have a new game for you today! BigAl0104 created a very well made Platformer that needs to be checked out. It is called Space tyranny and is well worth your time.

Comments from the creator:The game has you take control of Terabotron in a Metroid-style environment where you have to find the way inside the core of the Zirgol planet by collecting item upgrades along the way that will help you progress through the planet.

Click here for more info, pictures and the download link.

Sim-Fish by Chris Perry added to the Klik Museum
News posted 12th January, 2019 by Joshtek Post A Comment

It has been one year since Chris Perry (AKA Chrisbo) passed away, but this beloved member of our community has certainly not been forgotten.

A 32-bit version of Chrisbo's Sim-Fish game has now been added to the Klik Museum.

Originally release in 1997, this classic Klik game is a Tamigotchi-inspired household fish tank simulator

Click here for the Sim-Fish 1.0 download page

Click here for the TDC Klik Museum

Clickteam announces Fusion 2.5+ DLC
News posted 11th January, 2019 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Clickteam have announced Fusion 2.5+, a paid DLC upgrade for Fusion 2.5 that they anticipate will be released before the end of March 2019.

According to Clickteam this DLC will contain feature such as:

  • Child Events (AKA Nested Events)
  • Faster loading and saving
  • An improved global event editor, including the ability to use qualifiers (groups) in Global Events
  • A global Find All function to find any text in the entire application
  • A faster Windows runtime with optimized memory use and a DirectX 11 mode
  • An event profiler to find the bottlenecks in your events
  • A new output window in the debugger

As part of the same State of the Fusion Address where this was announced, Clickteam also provided an update on Fusion 3 and provided assurances that Clickteam would continue to support Fusion 2.5 for a long time after Fusion 3 is released.

Click here to read Clickteam's State of the Fusion Address 2019

Click here to read the Clickteam forum thread on Fusion 2.5+

The Games of Clickmas Past
News posted 25th December, 2018 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Christmas comes but once a year... which actually adds up to quite a lot of Christmases, really. We are now celebrating the 25th Christmas since Klik & Play was released in 1994, which means we have had quite a few Christmas-themed games made with Clickteam's tools.

One of the first Christmas games I ever played was Freddie Trims a Tree, a point and click adventure game which Philip Williams started working on in Christmas '95 and finished in Christmas '96. With permission of the author I have now ported this to Fusion 2.5 and added it to the Klik Museum. Description: "This is a Christmas game I made on Klik & Play. It is in the Sierra Adventure game style (Like Kings Quest, Space Quest, etc.). You're a Fox named Freddie. You walk from screen to screen finding objects and using them. The goal is to decorate a tree for Mrs. Wolfington."

As someone who used to share a computer with his siblings, free multiplayer games which could be played on a single PC were a real treat. Funny Furries 2 XMAS Edition is a 2-player platform-based beat-em-up game made in Click and Create by Bastiaan De Jong (BdJ Entertainment) in 1999 and my family definitely enjoyed this festive frenzy.

The Daily Click have run a number of Christmas competitions, and the first Christmas with Multimedia Fusion 2 brought us the 2006 classic Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa, a fun action game created by Arthur Lee (Podunkian). Description: "Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa is a top down stealth action game in the vein of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series. It's grid-based as it was entered in the Daily Click Grid-Based X-mas game competition. Use distractions and tools you find around the level to distract and get past any guards that are you in your way. The game is relatively short, taking around 10-20 minutes to complete. The story is related to the Metal Gear Solid series' plot so if you haven't played those games, you might be kind of lost". Its sequel is Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past.

What's your favourite festive indie game? Did you get any click tools as a Christmas present? Join the discussion and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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