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Paint like a pro--gamer, that is! Here be Splotches!
News posted 5th December, 2018 by Jon Lambert 5 Comments
This is not a drill, I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Indeed, TDC veteran admin OldManClayton has hit the big time! My sources (read "source) say his long time project of a puzzle game, Splotches, has had more that a few heaping helpings of TLC ("tremendous luxuriating colors" I'm sure in this case), and has graced the pages of both Steam and the App Store! That's right, you can now practice scientifically-reasonable color reaction theory (CRT) at home and on the go! It's probably the only brownsplosion you'll be happy to witness!

Click here to find it on Steam or the App Store!

P.S. I'm also told by my sources that an Android version is in the works!

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Competition time: Bizzy buzzy Buswick!
News posted 11th August, 2018 by Hagar 2 Comments
The most splendiferous Old Man Clayton An artist's rendition of OMC is running the last Buswick for a while. This year's theme is reduplication, which is the word for phrases like tick tock, pitter patter etc.

I think the community should thank OMC for running this competition for so long and hopefully it will return after a well-earned break. Hats off to you my good sir!

So get started on a super duper entry to this competition like a bizzy buzzy bumble bee! (obligatory reference to 1980s tat).

Visit the official Buswick page

Visit the TDC forum thread

Stellar Invasion demo and Sterben
News posted 4th August, 2018 by Hagar 1 Comment
Do you yearn for a click game with sprites created in MS Paint? Well BigAl0104 has the answer with Stellar Invasion DEMO.

Click here to download the Stellar Invastion demo

Also, if you fancy throwing your controller in a Battle Toads rage quit style (I would say that any Mario game is far easier than Battle Toads!), then check out Sterben.

Click here to view Sterben

Also, remember you only get a Whoosh with a Wotsit!

Roving in the Dark
News posted 3rd August, 2018 by Hagar 6 Comments
Long-time clicker Hayo is just about to release his latest creation, Roving in the Dark on Steam. Play as a bearded caver who has to rescue poorly equipped treasure seekers whilst trying to reclaim various treasures hidden within the caves.

This game boasts some excellent 8-bit inspired graphics and the game will be available to purchase on Steam in approximately 21 hours.

Go on, purchase the game, have some fun and support a fellow clicker!
Click here to visit the game on Steam

New Portable game: Zone Runner
News posted 28th June, 2018 by Rikus 2 Comments
Our very own Admin Chris released his classic game Zoner Runner to Android. So everyone with an android phone (including myself) can now enjoy this game on the go:)

The game which brought addictive frustration returns - this time in Portable form! After many years of inactivity, our hero has come out of retirement to once again embark on a coin collecting spree! You are that hero, and for reasons never quite explained, you have an urge to run through zones, collecting coins, doing so without losing lives and getting yourself killed in careless ways.

Click here for more info, pictures and the download link

Two New Pacman Games!
News posted 8th June, 2018 by The Chris Street 1 Comment
Two Pacmen games in a very short space of time by two different developers, yet both seem inspired by some of Five Nights At Freddie's creator Scott Cawthon's earlier games.

Firstly, Pac-blob by The MPP (with accompanying news post image) has this to say...

"Pac-Blob got himself stuck in a maze, and it's your job to help him get out... There are multiple ghosts that walk around the maze. Don't touch them! If you touch them you loose 1 life. If you loose all your 3 lives you get a game over. Enjoy! "

... while Man-Pac by BigAl0104 created his interpretation fairly quickly, and has this to say...

"It looks like Man-Pac has gotten himself into a maze full of disgusting Goo Monsters. He wants to find an exit, but he's really hungry, so he finds himself some nice and delicious food that he can eat inside the maze. "

Click here to download Pac-Blob!
Click here to download Mac-Pac!


Poll results
News posted 29th May, 2018 by Hagar 7 Comments
It appears that about 28% of TDC's visitors visit every day, which is nice. This proves that there has got to be a few sparks of sweet humanity left in this burned-out bird. We just got to find a way to mobilize it!

Attached are the results as a pie chart for those more pie inclined. Fascinating stuff!

The next poll is "What did you start clicking with" and of course it relates to what clickteam product you started with rather than mice or other clicking contraptions! So get voting and let us know what you started with!

HAGAR'S BRUCIE BONUS: A pretend Mars bar (50 TDC points) will be awarded to the first person to correctly identify an 80s reference in this news post.

New Game: Robotic Invasion Legacy
News posted 19th May, 2018 by The Chris Street 2 Comments
For those with long memories, Techvision has released a remastered Android package called Robotic Invasion Legacy - two very fun platformers released back in the day. I absolutely remember the second game, and this compilation brings back fond memories of the past. It's free, and well worth a go.

Comments From The Author:
"In this double game you must rescue the inhabitants of Greenytoria! Greeny must travel through grassy forest, the lurky undergrounds, desolate sand dunes and a giant pyramid. Greeny can shoot and jump, pick up items and use them in his quest to save his friends. At the end of each game awaits a tricky boss fight. See how many achievements you can earn along the way. Good luck!"

Click here for more information!

New Game: Rockstar Alien Killers
News posted 15th May, 2018 by The Chris Street 1 Comment
After over 14 months in development, Marc Georgeson has released his highly compulsive arcade plane/alien shooter Rockstar Alien Killers on the Google Play store for free. If you have an Android device this is pretty much an essential download, with addictive gameplay, beautifully clean graphics, multiple vehicles and weapons to unlock and a whole variety of game missions. Now back to my phone for just one more go...

Comments From The Author:
"Grab your favourite plane, select your weapons of choice, turn the music to EXTREMELY LOUD and show off your flying skills in this action packed game.

Join a band of washed-up rockstars who just happen to be able to fly planes and show the aliens who's best in aerial combat.

Work your way through a variety of different "rock-tastic!" missions while earning mission bonuses and improving your Rockstar Rating."

Click here to access Rockstar Alien Killers via Google Play!

News: Fusion 3 updates from Nicholas and Chris
News posted 12th May, 2018 by Joshtek 3 Comments

Wait ages for some Fusion 3 updates and then two ones come along at once!

Nicholas (LB) has joined Clickteam's Fusion 3 development team and has posted a short news update on the Clickteam Blogs website that includes a focus on Windows support.

Click here to read Nicholas' Clickteam Blog post 'Fusion 3 news in brief!'

Chris (Kisguri) has also relaunched the Fusion 3 Progress Thread on the Clickteam Forum, announcing that: "One overriding subject in that thread that repeats, is Clickteam needs to a better job of communicating progress and company objectives. That is no secret to us and it something we are working on. We have hired two new programmers to bolster Fusion 3 development and applied more resources. So I hope to provide you more regular input".

Click here to read Kisguri's post on the Clickteam Forum 'Fusion 3 Progress Thread'

P.S. Speaking of new hires and introductory posts, this is my first news post as a new Daily Click administrator. One of the main reasons I have joined the team is to help bring a spotlight onto classic Klik games from the past and to expand the Klik Museum that Clubsoft has recently revived. If you have any good caches of old Klik games etc then please let me know!

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