So... you want to submit your latest creation to The Daily Click for everyone to enjoy, review and comment on? That's great! ...but how do you do it? Well, here's a handy guide.

What kind of games can be posted to The Daily Click
TDC is place for people to upload their own freeware, shareware or donationware games. A lot of the games here are Windows games made using Clickteam Fusion, but we accept games made with other tools and for other platforms. It is good practice to say what tool you used to make your game and to let people know if it is a non-Windows game.

If you have a commercial game, you can post a demo of it to The Daily Click and/or let people know about it via the forums. See for more details on where we draw the lines between freeware and commercial games.

How to submit games to The Daily Click

To submit a game to The Daily Click you first need an account. You can sign up for one for free at

Then you will need to find somewhere to host your game. You can use a file host such as and or if you have your game on or then you can link to your page on there instead.

Then you will need to upload screenshots of your game somewhere. Please use services such as and because Discord is not a reliable image host.

You can then post your game via the 'Submit game' button that tales you to

You enter the URL for your game, screenshots with one per line, a description and a brief description, genre and file size. If you want your description to include images (such as a game logo) then you can follow the HTML code at (which in some cases does not follow the conventions of normal HTML).

Your description should explain the controls for the game if they are not in the game itself, but ideally the controls should be explained within your game.

If your game is flagged by Chrome or Windows as being a virus then it probably won't be accepted until the false positive has been resolved, so see the relevant guides below on avoiding false positives and on addressing them.

How to minimise the chance of anti-virus false positives in Fusion 2.5

1. Uncheck compressed runtime (this feature is removed in modern builds)
2. Check 'unpacked exe', which will put DLL files in a sub-folder (this feature was introduced in Build 293.1)

Sources: and and

How to deal with an anti-virus false positive

You can check for false positives by submitting your EXE to

Some anti-virus tools require you to have a password-protected .zip of the file with the password 'infected'. You can create password protected .zip files with 7-Zip and Pea-Zip.

Windows Defender: (you may have to whitelist the file if your PC is trying to quarantine it)


Other anti-virus tools: See and

Other useful information
Before your game shows up on the downloads page it will need to be reviewed by a DC admin. If this is taking too long you can contact me via Discord to let me know that I should check out the approval queue.

When you submit games to The Daily Click you get DC points that you can see at and spend at - they have no real world value.

If you have made a minor update to the game (e.g. a 1.01 release to fix a bug) then you can update the download URL if required and update the description, and then let people know about the update via a post to the TDC forum. Or, if you have a project page for the game, you could also let people know via that.