Accepted HTML

Description Opening Tag Closing Tag Example
Bold Text <B> </B> <B>Text</B>
Italic Text <I> </I> <I>Text</I>
Underlined Text <U> </U> <U>Text</U>
Strike Out <S> </S> <S>Text</S>
Line Break <BR>   <BR>
Image <IMG> </IMG> <IMG SRC="./mypicture.jpg"></IMG>
* Although it is not valid HTML, the </IMG> tag is required.
* Do not use images on your computer, only files hosted online.
Pre-Formatted Text <CODE> </CODE> <CODE>Text</CODE>
Less Than Symbol !lt   !lt
Greater Than Symbol !gt   !gt

Smileys and Emoticons

Description Code 1 Code 2 Emoticon
Happy Face :) :-)
Winking Face ;) ;-)
Grinning Face :D :-D
Sad Face :( :-(
Crying Face :'( :'-(
Poking Out Tongue :P :-P
Cool Face 8) 8-)
Shocked Face :O :-O
Crazy Grin XD X-D
Pleased Face ^_^ ^.^
Crazy Face @_@ @.@
Mad Face {mad}  
Bawling Face {cry}  
Laughing Face {laugh}  
Big Smiling Face {smilebig}  
Waveing Hello {wave}  
Shaking Head {no}  
Screaming Face {scream}  
Pondering Face {ponder}  
Celebration {celebrate}  
Disk {disk}  
Gold Star (*g)  
Blue Star (*b)  
Transparent Star (*w)  
Thumb Up (y)  
Thumb Down (n)  
Unhappy Face (&)  
Blue Recommendation /hank  
Red Recommendation /rank  



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