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Hover Tank Battle Arena
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 1st March, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 203

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Hover Tank Battle Arena

Fight in an arena inside a tank as you fight for survival. This game has 30 stages. The zip file contains a text file which includes the story, which is somewhat long.

The upper left corner of the screen shows what stage you are on. The upper right corner shows your shields.

While in a tank:
The right and left arrow keys turn your tank right and left. The up arrow key moves the tank forward and the down arrow key slows you to a stop, but you can't go in reverse. There are 4 kinds are tanks, each with somewhat different types of fire power.

YELLOW tank: SHIFT, fires orange shot
CTRL, fires purple shot
SPACE, fires green shot
ENTER, fires SPECIAL shot

ORENGE tank: SHIFT, fires orange shot
CTRL, fires SPECIAL shot

GREEN tank: SHIFT, fires green shot
CTRL, fires SPECIAL shot

PURPLE tank: SHIFT, fires purple shot
CTRL, fires SPECIAL shot

The goal of each stage is to destroy both all of the enemies and their battle balls.

The turrets can be destroyed by any of the shots, but the enemy tanks can only be destroyed by shots that are the same color as they are. For example, purple enemy tanks can only be destroyed by purple shots.

The ball shooters can't be destroyed by any of shots. You can only destroy them by running over the flashing dots that are the same color as they are. For example, red ball shooters can only be destroyed by running over all of the red flashing dots.

Ball shooters fire two kinds of battle balls, small and large. The small battle balls can be destroyed by any of your shots. But the large battle balls can only be destroyed when they are flaming. Large battle balls change color every 15 seconds or so. You must shoot the large battle balls with shots that are the same color as they are. Then they will start to flame. Once they are flaming, shoot them with a SPECIAL shot and they will be destroyed.

Power ups:
There are two kinds of power ups. They appear on the battle field within flashing boxes. Just run over them to get them. The ball becomes a ball that hovers near you. Your ball can destory any other ball and it lasts for ten seconds. The missles can destory any tank. Press "x" to fire your missles.

Entering and exiting the tank:
Pressing "O" will cause you to climb out of a tank and the tank must not be moving. To climb into a tank, move over it and press "I". When you are on foot, just use the arrow keys to move. Be aware that when you are on foot, if you are hit, you will die.

Large blue disks are safety zones. No shots can enter or leave them.

In large arenas:
In large arenas where you pilot a yellow and green tank, you will need to search the whole arena in order to find and destroy all of the enemies. Some of the bosses have shield generators. If your shots pass through the boss that you are fighting, look for the shield generators. Once all of the shield generators are destroyed, you can start shooting at the boss. By the way, boss 1 and 2 have turrets that must bo shot, aim at those! Lastly, some enemies fire missiles. Missiles can be destroyed with you shots.

On LAST THING: on level 12, try moving to the right and then down at the same time, this should help! HAVE FUN!

Some of the music in this game comes from "Breath of Fire III" and RPG Maker XP. I don't know from which game the tune that is played when you fight the bosses comes from however.

Here is the link if you have any problems:;13327226;/fileinfo.html

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Posted by Rikus 1st March, 2008

Can you make the screenies a bit bigger, they are so tiny.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 5th March, 2008

The screen shots should work normally, now. I hope this helps.
Posted by Dr Botox 6th March, 2008
Rated :

i liked all the extra things in the game like the save zones fire bolt ..most games like these don''t have these extra's. i really liked that..but the gameplay was really slow but maybe it has something to do with my computer..i missed the inpacts of the tanks when you hit a tank you hear no should put some sound effects in the's cool you have to memorize the colours of your fire bolts one mistake and BANG your dead..pretty cool makes you want to plan your attack...and the no bullshit option menu and just press any key and play is great...i'd like to play games fast were a bit dull but overall i thought it was a funny game...

ps i got to lv 5

Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 6th March, 2008

Thank you. I always appreciate good feedback. Your suggestions are quite helpful.





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