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Arrowbolt's Thunder
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 19th March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 99

Edited By Indago on 21/01/2015

Arrowbolt’s Thunder


Use the arrow keys to move. Press SHIFT to jump and CTRL to attack with your claws. Press the UP arrow key when you are over an elevator to use it. Only elevators with flashing lights can be used. To use stairs, jump on them. If you don’t want to use them, just walk past them.

In some stages, you can find a red container. This will give you the ability to fire bolts for a short time. Press the SPACE BAR to fire the blots.

In some point in the game, you might find a blue chamber. To use it, walk into it. After you have used it, you will be able to crouch down by pressing the DOWN arrow key. In addition, pressing the CTRL key will fire bullets if you have any. Lastly, pressing the SPACE BAR will use your mutation curing device. Use it on the mutated creatures that you see in order to help them.

In the upper left section of the screen is your status. The top bar is your life, the second bar shows how much longer you will be able to fire blots. You will see this bar only after you touch a red container. The number is your score. Next to your score is the number of bullets that you have left, if you have any.

In some stages, there will be a little map next to your status panel. You will be shown as a red dot. Important places will be shown was green dots. Go to those places. In the second stage, men are trapped in cells. To free them, you must destroy the panel that are next to the cells. Get in really close with your claws.


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Posted by DaVince 21st March, 2007

That link no worky. Fix it please, or upload it on a reliable host?
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 21st March, 2007

My hosting service is being strange these days..... Highlight and then copy the link. Now, paste it into your navagation ENTER. Clicking on it directly doesn't work, for some reason.
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007

Downloaded and played. I must say, this isn't very enjoyable... Try improving on these points:

- Don't mix graphic styles. If anything, try to make all graphics yourself. While doing so, avoid using harsh colours (like completely yellow, red, green). Instead, mix colours a bit to give it a more natural look.
- The game used the default platform movement engine, which made the movement have bugs. Don't use default movement.
- Attacks are not responsive really well. I have to not-touch an enemy and then attack to be able to hurt an enemy.
- Don't make the game resize to the screen resolution, it looked horrible on my 1280x800 screen. Instead, fullscreen the game with a set resolution (like 640x480).
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 30th March, 2007

Thanks for the input. It was quite helping, I will keep it in mind.





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