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Sir Randolph the Visionary's Black Onyx Yew Wand
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 12th October, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 76

Edited By Indago on 01/12/2014

Edited By Indago on 10/22/2012

An evil wizard known only as "Black Ivan" is a part of a monsterous plot that endanages the world. Make your way to the top of his tower in order to kill him! On each floor are his orbs of power. They must be destroyed with your wand but, they are differant colors and you must charge up your wand with chargers of the same color before you can destroy the orbs. This is an overhead action game with 10 stages. You can play as one of two characters. Each has their own ending. Instructions come with the game.

NOTICE: I have an major annoucement....I have updated two of my other games: Mystic Castle and Hover Tank Battle Arena. Each now has a new ending and a few important improvements. Check them out in the "other creations" section.

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