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Shadow Lancers
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 19th March, 2007 Favourites:0
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You live on a planet that is like Earth. It has three moons, its name is Ultaris. It is the Milky Way Galaxy, and not far from Earth's solar system. A company named Universal Global Industry mines fossil fuels. For many years, this company has been known for its wildly unethical behavior. It has been using terror to destroy good, ethical companies and it has gained the support of corrupt governments.

It is not long before many people get disgusted enough with U.G.I. to actually do something about it. Spies from decent governments have uncovered the dirt on this company. U.G.I. panics and starts using biological weapons on the world's population. Your planet's population goes from about 8,000,000,000 to about 500,000.

You belong to an organization named the Crystal Lilo. The lilo is a kind of flower. The Crystal Lilo's main base of operations is in a mountain that is surrounded by water. Its operatives are called shadow lancers and you are one of them. You pilot a space ship that will fly to each of your world's moons and destroy the operations of U.G.I.

UP ARROW KEY - move forward
RIGHT and LEFT ARROW KEY - turn right or left
DOWN ARROW KEY - slow down, this takes more time than thrusting forward
SHIFT - fire
CTRL - fire missile

In the upper left side of the screen is your score, number of lives, shields, and the current stage. In the upper right is the radar. Your ship is marked by a black dot and the enemy stations are marked by red dots.

Enemy ships can be destroyed by your shots or missiles. You can destroy their missiles the same way. But,the enemy's station can only be destroyed by missiles. Best of luck to you....

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