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the Grand Palace
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 19th March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 145

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the Grand Palace


721 years ago, the human race was nearly wiped out by what we now call the Devastation. Since then, we had to rebuild civilization from the ground up. We have found old ruins with buildings made out of glass and steel that reach hundreds of feet into the sky. We have found many other things. But, we know nothing about what happened before the Devastation, what caused it, or even what it was. In an old castle that is called the Grand Palace, there is a rumor. It states that a book which has a record of all of the events before the Devastation is in the castle's upper tower. The people who lived there are long dead. But, the monsters that they made to guard the place are all around the area where the castle is. We must try to get this book if it exists.

The Grand Palace is a simple platform game where you try to progress
past each of the levels. After pressing any key at the title screen,
you will see the character select screen.

The Left or Right ARROW KEYS are used to select your character.

Press the SPACE BAR to select him or her.

When you see the screen that has the HERE marker, press the SPACE BAR
to get to the next stage right away.

the controls:
UP ARROW KEY - go up a latter

RIGHT ARROW KEY - moves right

LEFT ARROW KEY - moves left

DOWN ARROW KEY - go down a latter or crouch down

SHIFT LEY - shoot magic or kick, you can do either ONLY if your are
standing still and standing up, you can not be moving.

CTRL KEY - jump

the status indicators:
The number on the top right corner of the screen is your score. The
candles under your score are the number of lives you have left.

The red bubbles on the left top side of the screen indicates your life
reading. They turn blue has you get hit and you die if they all turn
blue. Touching candle stands will gives you more lives or increase
your life reading.

The blue bar above your life reading is the amount of magic you have
left. You can't fire magic if you are out of it.

Picking up fruit will restore lost life readings.

Again, touching candle stands will gives you more lives or increase
your life reading.

Only Hortis can pick up wands, staffs, or gems. The gems increase his
magic and the wands, enable him to use magic. Depending on the wand he
picks up, he will have a different kind of magic. The symbol in the
middle top part of the screen will show what kind of wand he has. If
he touches a candle stands that increases the life reading, he will
lose his wand, but still have his remaining magic strength.

the characters:
Hortis is a wizard and can fight only as long as he has a wand and
magic strength.

Lucia is a young girl who has no magic and doesn't need any. Being
able to fight unarmed is magic enough for her. She can kick and jump
kick. Just jump, than kick.

Look for glowing crystals. They are very rare but it you touch them
you will turn into another creature for a short period of time. If
you touch it and nothing happens, then it doesn't work with the
character that you selected. A pie graph in the top center part of
the screen shows you how much time you have left before your change
back. If you press the SPACE BAR before that, you might be able to
change back before the time runs out.

These are also very rare. They are purple and touching them will bring
you to another place.

Lastly, there are some enemies that you can walk past, some you can't
go through, and some who will hurt you just by touching them.
IMPORTANT: COPY and PASTE the download link into your navagation bar.

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Posted by Paul_James 22nd March, 2007

this game is kinda unplayable
or atleast doesnt have a good help file
wp5? dude get an upgrade
Posted by steve 22nd March, 2007

couldnt seem to download.. The second screenshot looks a little bit like Shadow Of the Beast (amiga) but with default TGF monsters(?)
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 22nd March, 2007

To download, you need to highlight the link with you mouse pointer, copy it, and then paste it to your navagation bar. Now, press ENTER. It should after that. My hosting service can be strange sometimes. By the way, when you are on the first stage, you can jump over the fire balls that the first monsters throw at you. You can also walk though monsters. It is their attack that hurt you. If you are playing as Lucia, try jump kicking enemies.
Posted by -Liam- 29th March, 2007

Good work





Worth A Click