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the Shimmering Celestial Orb
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 18th September, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 76

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This is an action RPG that is set in a palace. Your goal is to destroy the object that makes intergalactic space travel possible so that an intergalactic empire will cease to EVER exist. The palace has about a 12 locations. This
game features:
your character having two outfits, you gain the other later on

SIDE and OVERHEAD view game play

This game has some minor updates.
large characters

a very nice ending

a lot of challenge

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Posted by Chris Donovan 21st September, 2013

This game has a very nice look and sound, but the size/speed of the main character, the limited field size, and the lasers in the top down screen make it very frustrating to play. I have no clue when an attack is coming, and even if I see it, I may not be able to dodge in time. I feel like the player should have a fair shot of avoiding an attack.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 22nd September, 2013

Thank you for your comments. You have brought up quite a few good points. I will keep all of this in mind for my future games. Now,.... I hope that helps you. After getting the power ups from the room that is next to where you start, head south, then go west once you see the southern wall. This will take you to other room with more power ups. A little bit further west is the room that has to stairs to one of the passageways. Here is where you can get the red blot spell. It will work against the moving enemies in the top down section, but NOT the heads. The other passageway can be found in the northeast section of the floor that you start on. In is not far from the northeast corner. Be sure to use the walls for cover and save often. GOOD LUCK!
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