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Review: Stage Tower
Author: Juan Pereyra
Added: 06/04/2024 22:16:11

Here we have a short and simple platform game, Stage Tower, it's a game that, although it is very well done, cannot get a very good review because it is simple, very simple.

Sorry, but the game has no presentation, it takes you directly to the first level, so I'm not going to give many points on this obviously

The gameplay is well done. You are a blue ball that moves and has to jump platforms, and avoid spikes that can kill you. Although there are very difficult levels, like the third where there is a spike that chases you.

The graphics are simple, but well done. I mean, it's not really that it takes too much work to make a blue ball with eyes, the animations are fine too.

The music is good, it fits well with the game.

The game has ten levels and checkpoints, lastability is fine, if you want to make a short game and it is short then lastability is fine, if you want to make a long game and it is short lastability is bad and vice versa. In this case you wanted to make a short game and it is short, cool!

It's a good game for what it aims to be, a short platform game, but from what I mentioned before it's obviously not going to get a good review because it's too simple, there's no story behind it or anything, but it's a good game. Never stop making games!

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Posted by Juan Pereyra 6th April, 2024

Phew, I think this is my best review so far.


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