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Zone Runner
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 15th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 614

Edited By Chris Street on 9/30/2008

(Download modified 30th September 2008, now links to the Zone Runner Compilation at ACODERS)

The result of two weeks of hard labour for a competition against Steve Wardale, THIS is the finished product. You control a Zone Runner, who must run through all the zones (heh heh), of which there are 25, set in three worlds, collecting all the coins.

But watch out, as anything that moves is a potential threat. And as you cannot kill anything, the advice given by me is that you should keep on the move. Features a very hard, yet incredibly addictive challenge, and has been featured in many magazines across the world.

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Posted by Joe.H 15th December, 2002

hehe!! funny
Posted by Evil Monkey 15th December, 2002

That's a fun game! :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 15th December, 2002

It's annoyingly addictive, you're a bad person circy! XD
Posted by Coolsoft Games 15th December, 2002

didn't finish all thirty huh...
Posted by Jason Orme 15th December, 2002

Nice game, the music reminds me of those "cracked by Class" things.
Posted by Shen 15th December, 2002

30? There was 40 planned :P
Posted by Ashman 15th December, 2002

Podunkian liked it....was know...reeling from a head injury or something? :) Downloading....
Posted by The Chris Street 16th December, 2002

Yeah. I hit him with a sledgehammer
Posted by Pete Nattress 16th December, 2002

cool game.
Posted by Cappy 16th December, 2002

i'm in the 4th level of 2nd world... this is a good but... hard game :)
Posted by Stevo 16th December, 2002

Barely almost acheives a proximity to coolness. Me like
Posted by Ashman 16th December, 2002

LOL a Sledgehammer? Is that all? Very cool game...reviewing...
Posted by Ashman 16th December, 2002

Ahh hehe, I kinda lost interest in that review after about 3 lines. Sorry. I'll do it tomorrow!
Posted by :JULI@N: 16th December, 2002

hey when i open da zip file it it says me it do not appears to be a valid archive if you downloaded this game try downloading again
Posted by The Chris Street 17th December, 2002

well, follow its advice Juli@n...dload again ;)
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 17th December, 2002

Yeah, the default IE download kept getting incomplete downloads. I'd suggest using Getright (or something similar) to get the game.
Posted by Carl Östberg 18th December, 2002

come on Circy,give us some passwords...the iceworld is pretty damn hard.
Posted by Jason Orme 18th December, 2002

I can only get to level 5 and ive been playin it for days XD
Posted by Shen 21st December, 2002

Why would a nun want to hack Podunkian?
Posted by TAz 21st December, 2002

aaaaaaaargh!! I've played this game over 40 times in the past week and I still can't get past the ice world!... I've been able to get up to the tenth level of the ice world with 3 lives!!!... (the one with the very small platforms), but I ALWAYS die there. &*@#$) &)@($ 7)@&*U()@$7 ()@$&*()@$ &90$ @()$&@()$@*()... I think I'm going to kill somebody now
Posted by :JULI@N: 21st December, 2002

o yes know it works.... i feel so stupid.... :)
Posted by >NzR< 22nd December, 2002

Very nice & addictive game. A bit hard though.. Im in 2nd zone!
Posted by Rik 22nd December, 2002

dammit i can't even finish the n00biez world.. that level with all the moving mines is evil!
Posted by Shen 25th December, 2002

No it isn't.
Posted by -_darkman_- 28th December, 2002

simple fun game,the end
Posted by The Chris Street 1st January, 2003

Yes it is.
Posted by Rik 1st January, 2003

lol XD . It is evil tho.. It's so hard to time the right time to drop down to avoid the moving mines as you have to take the mine after that's postion into account too, I'm usually quite good at timing in games.. but this is just annoying. And I think the n00biez world has cool music Shen, the icy level had worse music (no I haven't gotten to the icy world yet I just listened to the music file :) )
Posted by The Chris Street 7th January, 2003

Nah XD
Posted by The Chris Street 4th March, 2003

Hey, thanks for the review Skatekid :D
Posted by skatekid 4th March, 2003

Your Welcome. I cant get past level 7!!!
Posted by Klikmaster 19th June, 2003

the ice levels are too hard, nooooo!
Posted by The Chris Street 19th June, 2003

lol, they can be pretty hard. You just need very good reflexes :D And thanks for the review!
Posted by UF Comtec 19th June, 2003

Posted by Lloyd Harvey 3rd July, 2003

Nice Work
Posted by en kerro 1st December, 2004

Posted by Midnight 15th August, 2006

The graphics (in all your games) are too small and blend in with the backgrounds. The animations are weak.
Posted by Codemonkey 21st July, 2008

Says the guy with no games...






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