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Santa's Christmas Party
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 28th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 277

Edited By Chris Street / Circy on 12/28/2005

Hey, it's Christmas! And, since I haven't really shown much this year (in fact I have made absolutely zero amount of games) I decided to create a game very loosely based on a retro game called Top Hat Willy (which in turn was based off Jet Set Willy).

I have been working on this game on and off for a couple of weeks now, and really, the combined hours that have been put into the game boil down to only a few. Meaning that officially, the game probably took a week, maybe less, to make.

I'm going to tell you one thing right from the start. You probably won't enjoy this game as much as you did with my other projects. I was very demotivated through making SCP. I didn't like doing it. I had loads of stuff to deal in the time it took to make this, as well as organising the Daily Click Christmas competition 2005.

I'm also going to tell you another thing. The graphics are deliberately sprited like that. To try and capture a retro feel. They're awful graphics, but I was trying something else other than double outlined characters.

So, in this party package, there are actually three games. The main game (Santa's Christmas Cracker 3) is a lot like Top Hat Willy. SHIFT/SPACE to jump, arrow keys to move around, ENTER to pause. Don't touch the bad guys, but collect all the presents (yes, those flickery things). There are 100 of them. You have three lives. This is easily the hardest of the trio of games.

Once I had finished making the main game (SCC3) I decided to try and include some extra stuff. You know, to try and make the package somewhat worth downloading. I only made five levels of this, and the premise is the same as the game above. Only this time you're on a single screen. Get the presents. Don't get killed. Three lives. You know the drill.

I made this for a charity recently and thought I might as well include it in the package (since it uses the same fonts and everything). Really easy to play. Type in a number. Press ENTER to see how close you are to guessing it.

Released 23rd December.

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Posted by The Chris Street 28th December, 2005

None of the admins accept their own games. It's just a thing we have.
Posted by Noyb 28th December, 2005

Solid game, but I kinda wished there was some kind of counter showing how many presents were remaining.
Posted by Flava 28th December, 2005

I wouldn't say its one of your better games but its good to have a little christmassy game around - from what it sounds anyway, you wern't trying to make a great game, just something for christmas. It was nice first time round though
Posted by axel 28th December, 2005

oh no cirky u arent supossed too sumbit ur tdc xmas kompo gaems heere lol ull get diskwjalified lol k omg
Posted by Iv4n 28th December, 2005

Btw what's happening with Mr Stump's Dentures 2?
Posted by Mitchell MH 28th December, 2005

I'm a big fan of your games, circy! (we met actually, I used to be Aku) but this time you have not convinced me. I understand why you tried a change of gfx style, but somehow it just doesnt work. Apart from that, the games lacked origionality. I dont like saying it, but this is the first title you've released, that did not make me wanne finish it. I'm sorry..
Posted by Flava 28th December, 2005

Axel what are you on about, he isnt submitting it to the compo..
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 28th December, 2005

Lovely retro-stylee graphics and gameplay, although I'd like to have counters for presents, lives and the chance to press escape instead of ALT+F4 to quit
Very nice, indeed.
Posted by Evil-Ville 28th December, 2005

This would be a quality game but the music completely destroys my ears before I can finish the game, adds some sort of time attack feel to it, tee hee hee.
Posted by AndyUK 29th December, 2005

That game like jet set willy is pretty good until you realise how many screens there really are. But from experience I know that Jet set willy is impossible to finish and 100% unfair, this is more fair and probably completable.
(that too had nothing telling you how many objects were left)

the other games were nice too,
Posted by axel 29th December, 2005

Flava: Ich weiss <_<
Posted by The Chris Street 29th December, 2005

Press ENTER to see how many lives you have, how many presents there are to collect, etc.

I know this isn't a terribly outstanding game. I thought I'd just release something small and undemanding. Henceforth I won't be offended if you don't like it - or even insult it, because I've put little effort in. I just rushed it out for Christmas.
Posted by ThePodunkian 30th December, 2005

Circy 4 coming soon to a theatre near you
Posted by The Chris Street 31st December, 2005

How many times have you left the community now Pod?
Posted by Stixdude 2nd January, 2006

Looks freakin' sweet!
Posted by ThePodunkian 2nd January, 2006

Not as many times as you've released crap games
Posted by hapsi 3rd January, 2006

Vitun pellet, menee vähän offtopikin puolelle..?
Posted by en kerro 3rd January, 2006

eläpä retostele
Posted by Wicked Studios 5th January, 2006

Maybe you might have gotten a better response had you named it "Satans Anti-Christmas Party"? Just a thought.
Posted by The Chris Street 5th January, 2006

Fair do's Pod
Posted by Hempuli 8th January, 2006

Ei ne ymmärrä suomee hölmöt!!
Posted by Hayo 9th January, 2006

Posted by Luis Rubio {MegaMetalMix} 4th May, 2006

there i improve the discription
Posted by Midnight 15th August, 2006

Everything is so small man, it's okay to enlarge your graphix a bit
Posted by TheoX 15th January, 2007

Whoohoo! Top Hat Willy is an awesome game! I hope this one is good.

Too bad no one will see my comment...
Posted by Jake G 24th December, 2007

i did mwahahaha
Posted by Fadex 30th December, 2007

I did too





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