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Sleep Dreams 1
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 10th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 324

Sleep Dreams is probably Circys most popular game to date, containing his weird, snazzy Circy style. Unfortunately the source code was struck by a virus, but what you get in this abandonware version is 2 levels comprised of 3 areas each, and a great load of fun and happy memories. It may run a bit slow on some older computers by the way.

Sprite designed by Phil from Test2, engine by Bernie, trees by Oskar. Look out for SD: Redrawn! Ive reuploaded this game because it was deleted during the DCs downtime.

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Posted by HiredGun 10th June, 2002

Why did you write this in third person?
Posted by Karl Hedlund 10th June, 2002

He may be schizo :D
Posted by The Chris Street 10th June, 2002

hehe, I copied it from my site :)
Posted by The Chris Street 10th June, 2002

which means YOU must have played it Simon, which makes YOU a fag. Although you dont need Sleep Dreams to make you a fag, you already are one
Posted by 10th June, 2002

please circy dont talk about yourself
Posted by Aaron Wynn 10th June, 2002

I rather enjoyed the engine. The levels good but some of the GFX could be a little better. I really like that second level.
Posted by Mike 11th June, 2002

I really liked the engine. Someone said it wasn't your making, were did you get it from? TELL ME!!! *waves sharp object around*
Posted by The Chris Street 11th June, 2002

I did make it, but other people still made the sprites and engine cos I didnt have the ability then. The guy who made the engine, Bernie, made it specially for Sleep Dreams. So NAH! I still have it somewhere, the engine and might release the source
Posted by The Chris Street 11th June, 2002

ROFL Simon, how did you know it was a lame game? You MUST have played it. Asscrack.
Posted by 11th June, 2002

no no..remember, you showed told me, and you said it's sh** yourself
Posted by Carl Östberg 11th June, 2002

The engine is really smooth thus making the game a nice experience...too bad it won't be finished, it's really fun playing it.
Posted by The Chris Street 11th June, 2002

Simon, piss off. You're not welcome in the klik community.
Posted by Bart 12th June, 2002

I think you all need to lighten down on Circy, he's providing the community with games..sources and help on forums.
Posted by None41 12th June, 2002

I can't say I think that any single person has the authority to specify who is and who is not welcome in the "klik community."
Posted by DBack 12th June, 2002

advisory: do not use the same passwords as you did for total klik. that just came into my head. i wonder why.
Posted by DBack 12th June, 2002

i really think that this game shows that people can work together to do games and it will work. which is good. this game really isn't that bad.
Posted by richy486 12th June, 2002

Great game, though i dont like the really long intro, make it an option or something and the lives and health box is too big, but apart from that, its fun and addictive.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th June, 2002

Nick: a single person, maybe not. However, everyone who knows Simon Rope also knows that he was the one who kept on making up names here at the DC and flooding the reviews and previews section. Why do you think he is now X-MEMBER? Oh and Author Lee: "You're just too critical. And you think you're high and mighty in the community with your hyped up game released that usually suck" I don't hype up my games, let me get this through to you once and for all. If anything its the klikkers who play my games who say good stuff about it and spread the word around. You're still reflecting on a time when I was new to this community and didnt really know how to act appropriately, so please just give me a break :P
Posted by The Chris Street 14th June, 2002

Also, on a further note, did you know that Master Rope had his IPs banned from Kliketty Klik? Podunkian, i bet you don't even know him or the stuff he gets up to
Posted by None41 14th June, 2002

To be fair, I never actually said anything. I just said what I can't say. I will, however, say something now that I've recieved a public message along with a private DC message regarding the matter. I think that everyone around here is welcome to submit their ideas and opinions (and games, of course!) Now once I saw the huge message about what Simon did I just skipped over it, because I figured it would be at about the calibur of everyone else who's ever done anything stupid or inappropriate in the community. Circy, that includes you. I don't care how long it's been, I find you very hypocritical to turn around (what, maybe a year later?) and say who is and isn't welcome around here. I've been here since 1996 and my opinion is still as good as yours, Simon's and Arthur's as well. Don't bother me with how horrible you think these people are. Whether or not I agree with you doesn't matter. You can't speak for me and you can't speak for the rest of the community, so don't. Circy, I'm glad you're working on games and trying to do the community some good, but just do your best to igonre the people who don't intend on doing the same. Otherwise, all of your effort will get spent on these stupid message boards arguing with me. And I can f***ing argue.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th June, 2002

you think I should just ignore someone who took over my hotmail? Would you do that if he did it to you? Basically since joining the community, people kept on judging me by my earlier actions, and kept on "bullying" me, treating me like an idiot. So why should I take it? Why the hell should I take it when people are trying to ruin my time on the internet, which I am paying for?
Posted by None41 23rd June, 2002

Because you'll never get the last word and you'll continue to waste your you've just proved by writing that response. As you can see, I'm no stranger to the phenomenon either.
Posted by Caderay 18th July, 2002

HA! I got the last word... maybe months later too. That's what late nights on the computer do to you. Utter, Utter boredom... But I still got the last word!
Posted by HOSJ 30th July, 2002

no i have the last word here... so far X)
Posted by Mark Lu 18th August, 2002

I can unprotect the game for you. I am the only person not clickteam that can unprotect games.
Posted by Silveraura 16th November, 2002

How then
Posted by underjoyed 26th August, 2003

and for no reason at all...
Posted by Mr Icekirby 12th June, 2004

ahh! its not there any more!
Posted by The Chris Street 15th March, 2007
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2008

Wow, that was one dumb discussion in the comments. Don't act passive!






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