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Zone Runner 2.1 / Mr Stumps Dentures Demo
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 27th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 559

Edited By Chris Street on 3/22/2008

Well guys, I know I totally screwed up the launch of Zone Runner 2. It was flawed, particularly the jumping engine. However, I guarentee this has now been rectified. Or at the very least, nearly rectified.

What you get with this package:

The original Zone Runner
Zone Runner 2
Mr Stumps Dentures One Level Demo (it's a very early demo by the way, so it's buggy)

The Mr Stump demo is kind of compensation for mucking everyone around. You get the first level, which consists of two parts, and original MIDIS to go with it.

Zone Runner 1 is all here too, in complete form, and all its glory. It was made in a week just before Christmas 2002 in a two week competition with the now seemingly retired Steve Wardale. It was a pretty popular game, but have bundled it with its sequel for those of you who may have missed out first time round...(shame on you!)

And of course, the main game - Zone Runner 2. Three zones of increasing difficulty, each containing ten challenging stages. As I said, the jumping has been fixed, and to clarify - you do NOT move along with the platforms. This is it - the final version. Of course, if you do see any other bugs I may have missed (not likely, I got my brother to do some extensive beta testing) then gimme a mail.

The game saves too, after you complete each world! (Ten levels apeice)

Right, now thats done. Sorry for mucking everyone about. You probably each got different versions of the game. I strongly suggest you redownload this package and retain your enjoyment. The game SHOULD still continue where you left off. So if you finished Zone One, then the game should still be saved. Sorry it took so long to get this version uploaded, my host experienced some significant downtime.

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Posted by Klikmaster 28th May, 2003

Aww, you shouldn't have... Thanks. Wow!
Posted by Penguin Seph 29th May, 2003

Wow, I loved Zone Runner 1 but my Laptop fried and now I get it and a better version of Zone Runner 2 AND a demo of Mr Stumps Dentures!!! I'm d/l
Posted by AndyUK 29th May, 2003

that little jump bug did cause major problems because there was little room for error in the game anyway.
Posted by Jason Orme 29th May, 2003

1 kicked ass, 2 should kick more!
Posted by Jason Orme 29th May, 2003

wow Mr Stumps Dentures One Level Demo kicks ass!!
Posted by Hayo 29th May, 2003

this is cool, especially the paralax scrolling in mr stumps dentures
Posted by 29th May, 2003

Hey, the jump bug has been fixed but another bug has come. You have to run on moving platforms otherwise you fall down.
Posted by The Chris Street 29th May, 2003

Thats not a bug. That was there in the original Zone Runner, but I enabled the player (initially) to move along with the platforms for ZR2. But I got rid of it.
Posted by 29th May, 2003

Ah ok I can live with that. Btw nice game, i love it :-) This perverse pyramid kills me every time :(
Posted by Eric 29th May, 2003

Mr Stumps was fairly entertaining, reminds me of Mario, cant wait for a full verion.
Posted by Spram 29th May, 2003

Posted by Spram 29th May, 2003

But I love the demo. How did you do the multi-scrolling????
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th May, 2003

Posted by Hayo 30th May, 2003

there was a topic about the multilevel-scrolling a couple of months ago, search dc for it
Posted by Alex Scobell 30th May, 2003

Downloading again ;)
Posted by Aceproductions 30th May, 2003

Downloading... Downloading...Downloading... Damn modem! Faster!!!
Posted by Jason Orme 30th May, 2003

Isnt it called Parallex scrolling?
Posted by Jason Orme 30th May, 2003

Isnt it called Parallex scrolling?
Posted by Jason Orme 30th May, 2003

hehe, my first ever double post :P
Posted by -Oka- 30th May, 2003

Circy, who did the music? I think it's great ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 30th May, 2003

I got it from
Posted by Spram 30th May, 2003

I did the paralax scrolling. Thanks Fishhead. I'll try Zone Runner 2 again. :D
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th May, 2003

Wasn't expecting to like these, didn't look bloody enough, but they are very addictive. I especially like the Mr Stumps Dentures demo.
Posted by vortex2 30th May, 2003

Zone Runner 2 is addictive! It is a very cool game, well done! the only problem is that on Mr Stumps Dentures Demo, the graphics where all black and looked curropted and it kepy randomly going from parts of color to all black back to a darker shade... seems like a gfx bug. I am running 1204 by 768 res with 32 bit color, and a Radeon video card, and my OS is windows 98 secound edition. Other then that it is all good! good work!
Posted by The Chris Street 31st May, 2003

vortex: that sounds very weird...its never happened to me before. Ever
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 1st June, 2003

Aah! You no longer move with the platforms! Why in the world would you go back to the old setting? Moving with the platforms was definitely one of the improvements, so going back to the old system doesn't seem to make much sense.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd June, 2003

I cant please anyone these days :S
Posted by Joe.H 4th June, 2003

Zone Runner 2 got onto the CT creation Gallery. Well done Circy for making such a difficult game.
Posted by The Chris Street 6th June, 2003

Desolation Click didn't see it like that. Their review has absolutely slaughtered the game :O
Posted by The Chris Street 7th June, 2003

Then again, Gamehippo gave it 9/10 :D
Posted by Lundan 13th June, 2003

Zone Runner 2 is lovely, I canīt stop play until I finish it. Soon I will beat zone 3 =). Itīs not to easy and its not to hard, itīs pefect =D Ps. Hope Zone Runner 3 will come soon
Posted by Ozzy 13th June, 2003

Opps =/, I did write the last comment with my brothers profile, yeye now Iīve finaly beaten the 3:rd zone. =)
Posted by Shen 13th July, 2003

Posted by Broomie 23rd July, 2003

I guess I cannot wait for Zone Runner III
Posted by The Chris Street 24th July, 2003

There may not be one...and if there is, I wont be starting work on it for a while
Posted by NightShade 10th August, 2003

So damn addictive. Mod Archive?! Circy I thought you did all the music yourself...
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 13th December, 2003

Ah... love the good ol', unbelievably freakin' tough yet fun works of Euphoric Rush studios. I've loved your games ever since I was swearing and pounding on the keyboard at SDBG...
Posted by Mr Icekirby 24th April, 2004

link doesn't work now
Posted by The Chris Street 26th February, 2006

It does now.






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