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Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 23rd February, 2004 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 1020
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Edited By Chris Street on 10/17/2009

The most epic plot of any game ever. Dentures have been swallowed... a plot to awaken the Tooth God is underway... the results of which could be catastrophic. All the worlds toothpaste and dental hygeine products... destroyed! A nightmare world of bacteria and gum disease beckons... unless Mr Stump can get his dentures back!

Mr Stumps Dentures is the culmination of over a year of reasonably hard work. Granted, I probably don't have much to show for it. However, all the beta testers have told me that they think it's a really fun game, so maybe that'll encourage you to download it.

MSD features seven levels, with two sub sections and a boss each. Climb your way through an industrial setting, get yourself cold, get yourself buried and get yourself in a topsy turvy universe in an attempt to reclaim your dentures! Also features parallax scrolling, a custom engine, and some secrets Not forgetting the two player mode, of course.

Hope you like it! And even if you don't that's absolutely fine with me.

PS: I strongly suggest you read the HELP documentation that comes with the game before you start playing. There are some issues which need to be addressed.

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Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th February, 2004

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 28th February, 2004

Agreed, JD, that people are quite welcome to crack jokes in reviews, ie. "I've never been in so much agony looking at graphics, lol", but it's common courtesy and sense to give an indication that you're joking (ie. "lol", or :P ), unless of course the context of the given review makes it obvious. Brad's review didn't. Given the 'anger vibe' of Brad's review, I highly doubt that the bottom line was simply a joke (although I'm not saying it's impossible... I'll eat my words with extra salt if the whole thing turns out to be an attempt at humour not intended to offend Circy). There was blatant spite in that sentence and I can't see it as anything other than a direct attack on Circy's own feelings about his game, although it was understandable of Brad to be angry at being called an Elitist. Also, I didn't say anything about changing what Brad wrote, after all, it IS his opinion. He doesn't, nor does anyone else, have to like this or any other game, and I'll never say otherwise. I just meant that if it was for public display (especially taking into account that Circy would read it), he could have made it more constructive rather than spiteful. Anyway, like I said at the start of my other long-ish post, I don't really want to get involved in this, I was just adding my two cents' worth.
Posted by Blackgaze 28th February, 2004

Yes! at last this game is out! and I am very VERY dissapointed (Sorry Circy). It is still a very nice game and i have not spotted a single bug, but how can u get a save/load or password? the split screen graphics are terrible (unlike the split screenshots), the menu is not the best. But anyway the graphics and gameplay rule. Sorry about the negatives Circy but i had to speak my mind.
Posted by The Chris Street 28th February, 2004

Spider... traitor XD
Posted by ChrisB 28th February, 2004

I reviewed it. Don't you all tear me into pieces at once :S btw. If you were going to copy the bosses from Sonic, why couldn't you have put in some TV sets with powerups in to make the game more interesting? :(
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 28th February, 2004

I was about ready to kill myself when I died at the very end of the mine cart level. I got a game over. I raised a gun to my head. Thankfully it wasn't fatal, but there is a gun wound the size of Canda in my head. And I keep repeating myself. And I keep repeating myself. And I keep repeating myself. But anyway, this is getting quite a few reviews! :)
Posted by eyeangle 28th February, 2004

I clocked it. Bloody awesome, and finished the Stump Runner game. On ya Circy. I always loved the sega master system games of sonic and sonic 2 and this game brought back some cool memories.
Posted by Pete Nattress 29th February, 2004

well sorry if i offended you mark, i tend to judge groups of people on what the individuals say, regardless of whether they want their opinions to be associated with their group. and as the only natomic member's opinion i have read is brad's (plus various other people's complaints about natomic) i take that and use it as a basis for making an assumption about the group... ok my assumption may be flawed, but what other option do i have? don't make any assumption at all? impossible: human nature is to make a judgement on something no matter how limited the evidence is. JD, that's all well and good, but from what i've read natomic seem to think that bad games == stupid, therefore a bigotry against bad games emerges. and elitism is bad and i AM against it. elitists would have people believe that they will never be "good enough", but my problem with that is that they might not want to be "good enough". whilst some people make games for "respect", the rest just make them because they LIKE making games. and elitism sets people impossible goals, which they may strive to but never achieve, hence they stop enjoying game creation, which i consider bad. oh and i wasn't referring in particular to brad's review but pretty much everything he says. again apologies to the natomic members who don't behave like brad; clearly i was wrong to base my assumptions solely on his behaviour.
Posted by Shadow99 1st March, 2004

The people at Natomic are elitist idiots. It doesn't even matter what they think anyway.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st March, 2004

No they're not. All the Natomicians are really nice dudes. With the exception of Brad
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

Its a nice download !!! hats off CIRCY
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd March, 2004

Whoa! This game gets crazy really fast! I got really far, but I died on Toothpick Towers Act 2! And with the updated version too! I wish I didn't have to beat the game to be able to save my data. :(
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd March, 2004

Yup, thats the last level lol
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd March, 2004

ARGH!!! I got to the last boss but I died!! Nooo!!!! Circy, you need to give the player an extra life after he beats Treetop Island Zone, so that it can be more forgiving than the other zones!! I'm really mad now!!!
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd March, 2004

Woo hoo! I beat MSD! :D The extras are quite rewarding. If anyone is wondering, I beat it with 6 lives. I got to it with 9 lives (I have no idea how I did it). I even have a screenshot to prove it. :P
Posted by The Chris Street 4th March, 2004

WD =) You most likely had nine lives by beating the bosses without getting hurt
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th March, 2004

Yes. I could have had ten, but I got hit on the driller boss.
Posted by CYS 6th March, 2004

Anyone can tell me what the extras are?
Posted by The Chris Street 7th March, 2004

You get a Zone Runner type of game called Stump Runner, which is rock hard. And you get a lost level, and an early engine test of how basic the game was, made in about December 2002
Posted by Tom Whiteley 14th March, 2004

this game is really cool, I think the graphics are good, and it's really hard to complete, so it really keeps me playing!
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd April, 2004

Im taking a rest from gaming anyway. If you can do anything better then go ahead. Ive always said this game won't be for everyone.
Posted by Imadjinn 4th April, 2004

I know your taking a rest from gaming. Actually, I don't know why I said that when I knew you were going to anyway... BTW, I've realised that it was wrong for me to say that your game was crap, I take it back. It was just too generic, thats all.
Posted by Jamesbuc 15th April, 2004

I am really mad at Natomic right now as they have barred me from the site without telling me why. So can anybodyl me there E-mail?
Posted by Rhys D 27th April, 2004

It's because I don't like you.
Posted by Airflow 17th July, 2004

Thumbs up! Simple addictive fun! I don't like the music all that much though. Authough music is adequate, I feel like all the chords are messed.It makes it sound kinda wierd. Awesome bosses though. Why did you leave that water abandoned level out? It played pretty well. And how is it possible to get past those 4 spinning balls in stump runner? DAMn!
Posted by Beau 15th August, 2004

Posted by Coop 16th August, 2004

fun game, very frustrating tho :P gj
Posted by Assault Andy 28th September, 2004

I only just played it then, because I realised I hadn't played it before ^_^.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 21st October, 2004

I reviewed it!
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 29th October, 2004

"October 20th : How pathetic!!! Circy "accused" us of creating fake accounts in Daily Click..." I wonder why you gave it the lowest score....
Posted by The Chris Street 12th January, 2005

Well, indeed.
Posted by Yai7 20th April, 2005

I think I won't download that game... Who want to save dentures? I got an awful treatment today, and paid allot of money for something my mother thinks is a rip off... Dentures looks evil too me! And I'm not gonna save them! At least, Not for now...
Posted by DaVince 9th March, 2006
Rated :

It's fun. Download.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th April, 2006

I uploaded the save file to my site. Look under the Downloads >> MSD1 page at
Posted by 18th July, 2006

this is an awesome game
Posted by Jakob37 15th August, 2006

Really, really nice game.
Posted by Midnight 15th August, 2006

The graphix are simple and they suck. Rate Down
Posted by The Chris Street 15th September, 2006

Good old constructive critisism. You can't beat it. I'm willing to bet you rated the game solely on its looks, and I'm even willing to take a slightly risky chance by saying that you haven't even bothered to download it.

Not that I'm too bothered, mind. MSD is a past game. MSD2 is the future.
Posted by chrilley 14th February, 2007

I got this game just because of the MSD2 video. And I gotta say, I liked this game. It was fun and it had that good old snes feeling. Maybe 1 more level each zone would've been nice.

Looking forward to MSD2!
Posted by The Chris Street 12th April, 2007

That's exactly whats happening with MSD2

Three Acts per level, plus boss. Plus bonus if you get all the hidden Stumpy Statues in each Act.
Posted by Jake G 29th July, 2007

Yay i beat the game this morning. Annoyingly hard, but good. Love the anti-gravity-ness, something I'd like to use in my own platformer . Hurry up and finsish MSD2 Lol...
Posted by Hempuli 15th December, 2007
Rated :

Geez. A simple platformer starts a huge argue. this Circy-thing is like the Phizzy-thing in some ways...
Anyway, I like it. Challenges are funneh! Haven't completed it yet though, but I will soon.

Anyway, I think guys on Natomic are nice, it's just Brad being Jealous.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th December, 2007

You're a couple of years too late in regards to the argument
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2008
Rated :

160 something comments
Posted by -J- 24th December, 2008

My computer doesn't know what an msd file is O_O
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th June, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed this.
Posted by erghhhhx 25th September, 2009

Broken download...

Should be either fixed or removed.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th October, 2009

Yeah I know, I should probably upload it to the Acoders server soon. But in the meantime there are plenty of mirror sites around the internet
Posted by The Chris Street 17th October, 2009

It's at now
Posted by Zinedin 5th November, 2011

Why I can't play worlds 4,5,6,7 in two player mode and why my game display is at the center of the screen? <br />Comment edited by Zinedin on 11/5/2011<br />Comment edited by Zinedin on 11/5/2011
Comment edited by Zinedin on 11/5/2011
Comment edited by Zinedin on 11/5/2011





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