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The Smidgets
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 30th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 334

It's the return of The Smidgets! This was my first game under the Circlesoft name, and it's meant to be a very basic Destruction Carnival again. Why am I posting this here again? Well, nostalgia, I guess. It's pretty hard, with 4 levels, and I released this game about 4 months after getting MMF. It bears no resemblance to my current games...apart from the DC relation

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Posted by The Chris Street 30th July, 2002

Oh yeah, and thanks to Blake Edwards for sending me this. I thought I lost you, you little beaut. *pats the game lovingly*
Posted by Asholay 30th July, 2002

cool game. I love the little buggers.
Posted by Blake 30th July, 2002

XD this game sucks
Posted by The Chris Street 30th July, 2002

lol XD
Posted by T.U.G.A. 30th July, 2002

why is circy an "expert member"?
Posted by ruffles 30th July, 2002

i'm an "expert member" too, but I don't have the blue star. :(
Posted by Paul_James 30th July, 2002

Circy must be really special if he has a blue starr . . . . . . NOT x)
Posted by The Chris Street 31st July, 2002

o_O I didnt notice I had I the first clicker to get that?
Posted by Andy T 31st July, 2002

Posted by Martin 31st July, 2002

Not a bad little game, Youíre right, it is hard (a little too hard IMHO). Note: You canít tell when you've been hit. Implement some kind if 2-second invincibility feature after you get hit.
Posted by Forbidden 2nd August, 2002

dont lie circy, i remember when you posted the first screeny of this an it was a the time of Euphorica.
Posted by Caderay 2nd August, 2002

Euphorica's old :P
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd August, 2002

Posted by Alex Scobell 22nd October, 2002

There are two types of Expert Member one with a star and one without a star. They are two completely different ratings! Besides CIRCY is an Administrator now!
Posted by The Chris Street 30th October, 2002're two months late there Sun Fun Dude ;)
Posted by Alex Scobell 18th November, 2002

Just looking at your profile and I came across this.
Posted by Tom Alder 26th May, 2004

this aint bad. nice1
Posted by His Royal Highness 28th September, 2006

hes 2 months late and im 4 years late...
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2008

So very interesting.
Posted by 28th February, 2008

im even later than u guys!





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