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Another WWW Engine Test!
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 2nd November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 735

Guess what?! WWW will feature parallax scrolling, thanks to the new build of MMF 1.5. I've performed some trials for the first level, and it runs perfectly. No jerkiness, no problems. It is absolutely awesome and will hopefully add a bit of depth to WWW

I've also released an engine test for Wibble Wacky World, I need you guys to test the engine, to help me discover any bugs (and yes, the wall jumping movement is still a tad buggy, if I get too many complaints about that, then I'll scrap the wall jump. I want this game to be as perfect as it can be.

Finally, I don't know if I should be submitting my own stuff to the DC now Im an editor, but meh, I thought, might as well.

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Posted by HOSJ 2nd November, 2002

... Good job Circy :)
Posted by skn3 2nd November, 2002

Hmm its ok,. I would remove the static backdrop if I were you, it makes it run half the speed it should do, and everythign seems slow. The graphics are cool, but a little static. The sound is iritatin, and i hope ya change it :).
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd November, 2002

better enemy deaths their the same as smidgits x
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd November, 2002

it runs fine on my PC Skn :)
Posted by Steve Wardale 2nd November, 2002

This is wicked! Loads better than the other, not that the other wasn't great, but this is even better!
Posted by skn3 2nd November, 2002

Pentium 3 1000mhz 400meg ram geforce3 Ti Windows XP i am telling you that it doesn't run fast enough, no point ignoring me, what about an option to turn it off ?? Anyway, the game looks goof i agree with matrixkitty, change the death animation, it looks liek you jsut got lazy and added a fade out ;)
Posted by gustav 2nd November, 2002

it ran fine on my comp. but i agree on the sound, its really annoying :x i could never perform the walljump either. you should make it more simple to do. other than that i really like it
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd November, 2002

honestly Skn, it runs fine on my PC!!! But, I do see that some people have technically botched computers, heh heh I'll make two versions of the game: one with the parallax, one without :)
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd November, 2002

the music will be changed, but I think I might just keep the sound effects, hehe. It's my voice saying "Whee", "Owch!" and "Boing"
Posted by Duncan 2nd November, 2002

Don't, they're incredibly annoying. Otherwise nice, though the falling and enemy death animations could do with some work.
Posted by skn3 2nd November, 2002

grrr technically botched my ass. My computer is the most stable and clean i have seen. :P The game runs fine, it is just that i can see it is not running as fast as it should. From past experience using the active background box.. ort which ever you are using. I know that it causes a slight slow down than normal.. which is all i am pointing out which = crap.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 2nd November, 2002

neato but if absolutly all the stuff are actives then maybe putting in animations? like worms in the dirt and wind in the grass ;) my computer dont play midi files :( it looks like something a 6 yr would make btw :P but its pretty cool plz finish it!
Posted by 2nd November, 2002

Frankly, this is a lot better than your other games... I do find annoying the "whoey" sound when jumping.
Posted by Rik 2nd November, 2002

This is great :D I don't think you should change the sounds, they're cool, but maybe you should have more than one jump sound and have it randomly choose one to play when you jump, that way the sounds wouldn't get too repetitive. Ran fine speed-wise for me.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd November, 2002

Softwarewolf: The main character, the crates and the bad guys are the only active objects there :D The scrolling effect wouldnt have been possible if Clickteam hadn't released Build 111 for MMF 1.5 Clickteam, I worship you.
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd November, 2002

Hehe Fun!
Posted by Killerjedi 2nd November, 2002

Whee BASH BASH BASH Boing Boing Boing Boing BASH Whee BASH Boing Boing Whee Boing Boing..... The sounds are sweet and hilarious, heheheheh snigger laff laff HACK! ech ech ahem... koff
Posted by Made by NEWT! 2nd November, 2002

Good Job!! The sound doesn't annoy me at all. It all comes down to what the player enjoys or not. If you are happy with it keep it because there are people who like it and there will always be people who will trash it. If you are targeting this game towards younger players, or players who do enjoy the old school game then keep it on! Keep it up with the good job!
Posted by gustav 2nd November, 2002

it was very much possible without build 111... you should see what bernie has done with parallax for quite a while... i need to wash my pants every time i play something of his! pleeaase change the sound.. i had to turn my speakers down cause i couldnt stand it or the music.
Posted by AndyUK 2nd November, 2002

yeah the jump noise is annoying i use a similar scrolling on tops 2 on the second to last level usuing the games factory so it is possible you just need to make the background one actice object that doesnt follow the scrolling but everything else has to be active objects and in front of it too. this runs slow on my pc but thats because its pants most games do infact thats why all my games use such a small screen
Posted by AndyUK 2nd November, 2002

i mean my pc is pants not the game the game is good but i guess you all knew that
Posted by CYS 2nd November, 2002

good...but change its animation, especially the falling.
Posted by Alex Scobell 2nd November, 2002

Nothing like the original. But still fun. Wall clibing was a good.
Posted by Alex Scobell 2nd November, 2002

And just because your an admistrator now doesn't mean you shouldn't stop submitting your games and stuff.
Posted by gustav 2nd November, 2002

andyuk... hush.
Posted by Simdrone052 2nd November, 2002

XD... did u use the layers object?
Posted by colej_uk 3rd November, 2002

Loads better, well done, can't wait
Posted by Andi Smith 3rd November, 2002

Circy, re-do the characters. They look awful, especially the enemies.
Posted by Carl Östberg 3rd November, 2002

If some people are having problems with the scrolling you could add like a graphic-mode or something in the options that uses global values to toggle certain functions that might cause the game to run slow.
Posted by Rik 3rd November, 2002

Circy, don't re-do the characters they rule. As do the sounds.. they just need to be more varied so its less repetitive. Or something. :D
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd November, 2002

I used the Background System Box thingy, but I never got it working before. I will keep the characters, but will work on their animations, and I suppose the sounds will be changed as most of you despise them XD And Ill probably be releasing two versions of the game: one with simplistic, non parallax scrolling, and one with :D Happy? Yes thanks
Posted by matrixkitty 3rd November, 2002

annoying sound effects
Posted by Joe.H 3rd November, 2002

Posted by AndyUK 3rd November, 2002

Posted by gustav 3rd November, 2002

no actives :p..
Posted by Simdrone052 3rd November, 2002

Background System Box thingy? I wanna do this, hehe...
Posted by Jack Frost 3rd November, 2002

Y O S H I!!!!!
Posted by Rik 3rd November, 2002

:( fine looks like it will have different sounds which will probably be even worse :(
Posted by Jason Orme 3rd November, 2002

This game seems like a blend of Yoshi's Island & Sonic The Hedgehog
Posted by Alex Scobell 3rd November, 2002

Yes I think he intended the tiles to look like yoshi but they look more like sonic. But the sounds that the player makes (very anoying sounds I might add) seem to sound like he is trying to sound cute like yoshi.
Posted by Muggus 3rd November, 2002

Solid stuff Circy! The game looks tight...can't really see much wrong with it...although as has been said, those sounds kinda get a bit annoying...'s nice, I like it good luck with it!
Posted by Spydaman 4th November, 2002

Solid engine, ok gameplay, nice gfx. Solid game in the making, I still prefer the original versions, this one doesn't even resemble it. Sure you don't wanna add a blue hat to the guy, making pink and call it Sleep Dreams? Oh, and the sound. "Weyyy" and "Boing" have to go. Music was a bit plain as well.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 4th November, 2002

The sounds are semi-ok ,but i love the engine.I like the engine more than i liked the old wibble(hated it x)) Well im looking forward to this good luck!
Posted by Rik 5th November, 2002

I definately prefer this to old WWW, it's just more fun to play.
Posted by Alfred Smith 7th November, 2002

needs more enamies then just mice or rats or whentever that is
Posted by The Chris Street 7th November, 2002

there will be more enemies :) And they're dogs. Meant to be, anyway.
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 27th November, 2002

Took me a bit of practice to get the wall jumping bit down... very nice. Dunno about sounds or music, since I have my speakers off.
Posted by This Guy 25th April, 2003

noooooooooooo it wont let me download!!!
Posted by This Guy 25th April, 2003

noooooooooooo it wont let me download!!!
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2008

noooooooooooo it wont let me download!!!





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