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Santas Christmas Cracker
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 3rd January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 348

Santas Christmas Cracker was made in just two days, to try and inspire participants in a small competition (which I organised), into submitting a Christmassy platformer in time for Christmas! While SCC isn't an entry, I think it's a very good effort for two days. The graphics may not be the greatest in the world, but you should be able to get a bit of fun from this for a while.

What you have to do is collect every single present from each level while avoiding challenges from nasties such as snowmen and ungrateful brats who really don't like last years presents. Naturally you can jump on their heads to stun them, but you can't kill them - you're a Good Natured Santa Claus! After a while, the baddies will recover, and they'll do so pretty quickly.

A level cannot be completed unless all the presents have been collected. In some cases you'll only have one chance to grab presents, so time your jumps carefully!

There are only three levels, and this is kind of rushed out. I would have released it earlier, but I've been busy... but I swear I only spent two days on it. It can be fun (I think), but don't expect anything outstanding.

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Posted by AndyUK 3rd January, 2004

this is classic circy. better than my 4 days effort from what ive played so far.
Posted by Dark One 3rd January, 2004

Inspired by Circy. Created by Pampers. XD jk This is actually the best one out of all the christmas games I have played(except Santa : Operation Slim.) Good work.
Posted by Muggus 3rd January, 2004

Posted by laguna 4th January, 2004

Graphics are very stylized. Nice.
Posted by Cazra 4th January, 2004

This is pretty good. It's funny too. The only part I didn't like was that you fall through the 2 pixel width platforms. A fastloop platform engine would take care of this though.
Posted by MasterM 4th January, 2004

my poor eyes :(
Posted by The Chris Street 4th January, 2004

Oh you mean those platforms on Level 3 Snerlin? They're meant to be tightropes...and Santa, being the fat git that he is, can't even attempt to walk on it :D
Posted by Mkingy 4th January, 2004

hey, this would have been to big for the mini christmas compo :D dling anyways
Posted by Strife 4th January, 2004

1.06 megabytes? It would have been disqualified if it were submitted to the mini-Xmas comp. ;) But I digress... It looks like a nice little game. Downloading now... Perhaps you could spend more time on this game and add new levels/features (I wish CYS would do the same with his Santa: Operation Slim game, that game rawks!).
Posted by The Chris Street 4th January, 2004

If I'd have zipped it the final size would have been around the 700kb mark, but I just had to try out my new Install Creator ;)
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th January, 2004

as usual, you are a bastard when it comes to level design. Damn you and your bouncing jumps of death...
Posted by Fifth 4th January, 2004

It's amazing how little of the ground gets snow on it, despite the perpetual blizzard. Nah, I kid. 'Tis a fun game. I like the mob of bratty little kids what move as one. Good times.
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th January, 2004

Eek, this game is too hard. XD I hope now you've finished this you'll work hard on Mr. Stump. :D
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th January, 2004

Do you have to collect all the presents to complete each level? I died while trying to do so on the second level.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th January, 2004

Great game ^_^! Santa stealing and bashing kids is a lot more fun then having peace on earth and all that stuff.
Posted by Dark One 4th January, 2004

Tip to beat level 2 when you reach a snow man use the bounce to go over the anti-santa people and then it's easier. I beat this game 12 times...wierd...
Posted by CYS 5th January, 2004

nice game...and please circy, bigger animation! Too many snows i think :P.
Posted by The Chris Street 5th January, 2004

These graphics suck because I wanted to use the time to make a fun game ;) Thanks for comments
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2004

I love CIRCYs style.. its unique.. Great game.. although, its abit too hard..
Posted by AndyUK 5th January, 2004

the title says press start to play i dont have a start key.
Posted by Smeggy 5th January, 2004

Posted by Fifth 5th January, 2004

Yeah that got me, too. "Start? What's he mean? Is it enter? Nope. Space? Nope. Umm... shift? Nope. Contr- wait, it's starting! Was it shift?" ...or something like that.
Posted by Andi Smith 6th January, 2004

Was your install creator the free one from the Convention, Circy? I asked for a copy of Install Creator but it's yet to arrive. :( One day, one day.
Posted by The Chris Street 6th January, 2004

Yeah Andi. But Clickteam won't send it to you by post, you'll have to download it from the Clickteam site and then input a code which'll activate the full version. I had to pester Jeff for the code, as he said that everyone should have had an e-mail about it... Turns out that you're not the only one who hasn't. Give him a mail at the Clickteam forums, or his e-mail address (I forget what it is... I think)
Posted by Strife 7th January, 2004

Hey, I have a question about the game's graphics. I noticed that the purple mountains in the background remained stationary even though the level was scrolling (thus giving the landscape a sense of perspective). How do you do that? I think it involves the System Background object, but i'm not sure how it works.
Posted by The Chris Street 9th January, 2004

You're right, it does use the background system object. The snow and water was also done with BGS. Soon I shall release a tutorial with a zip file, called The Ultimate Background System Tutorial - watch out for it :)
Posted by Strife 9th January, 2004

Really? AWESOME! :D Can't wait for that. I'm going to use it for my Sonic fan-game, which is looking (and playing) real cool.
Posted by Evil Monkey 9th January, 2004

Yeah, I always use the Background System Box for parallaxing backgrounds. :) You just need to figure out how it's done. Also, it's only for MMF. :P
Posted by The Chris Street 10th January, 2004

Im starting the tutorial now... look out for the article here and in the Clickteam forums :D
Posted by Ashman 14th January, 2004

I think they're Circys best graphics ever!
Posted by AndyUK 18th January, 2004

id say there is too much snow, it gets in the way
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd January, 2004






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