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Christmas Island
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 25th December, 2009 Favourites:4
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 266
83rd Place     (4.33 / 5)

Edited By Circy Claus on 1/3/2010

2nd New version uploaded 3rd Jan 2010: Bug Fix - in a couple of screens it was possible for the player to get trapped by bouncing forever on a spring against a wall. This has been rectified. Improvement: Mines have been slowed down considerably in "4 Keys Or A Funeral"

I've been making this little game and hoping to get it released in time for Christmas Day 2009.

Unfortunately this has meant I've had to cut some corners to get it finished in time, from downsizing the levels,
to the rather lacklustre title and ending screens, for which I apologise.

So... to the game:

Christmas Island is a small grid-based platformer, and pays homage to the classic gameplay style of an old klik game by o3 Software called Super Awesome Adventure Extreme, created by Nick Kraitch, and released back in 2000 or 2001. It's probably not as good, and some might feel inclined to call it a rip-off. Although the engine style is very similar, the game itself requires a bit of exploration, having to achieve three small objectives.

You have infinite lives, so the only way for the game to end is to complete it, or to give up in frustration and shut it down.

However, if you collide with an enemy or obstacle, you will respawn from where you entered the area.

PS: The screenshots DO work, just click on them.

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Posted by Deathbringer 26th December, 2009
Rated :

I actually remember Super Awesome Adventure Extreme!

O3 software produced about the only Jamagic game ever made, too.
Posted by Spitznagl 27th December, 2009
Rated :

Great little game!
I really enjoyed the movement engine and the puzzles you made for it.
It just ended too soon.
Posted by Ski 27th December, 2009

Really annoying controls.
Posted by UrbanMonk 27th December, 2009
Rated :

Adam, I think the weird controls are there to add some sort of puzzle element to the game.

I quit in frustration, but it was a fun game!

I liked the graphics, and how the time changed as I progressed.
Posted by The Chris Street 28th December, 2009

The movement was designed to mimic Super Awesome Adventure Extreme. It is a little different I admit and takes some getting used to.
Posted by phanto 31st December, 2009
Rated :

If you would have added a short cooldown between jumps it would have been better. Too often it "automatically" followed a long jump with a short jump. Maybe I have slow reflexes
Posted by Va1entine 31st December, 2009
Rated :

Holy crap i almost missed this because of the broken pics!!!! This should be on the DS,a smart strategy puzzle game love it !!! This is the sort of game i'd love to play on my DS when i'm on my summer holidays abroad. I'm going to have to load this on a USB stick and take it around my brothers and mates house's for them to play it, its that good!

Posted by Matthew Wiese 31st December, 2009
Rated :

I'm not a fan of the movement engine, but after I started playing it began to be more fun and I got used to the puzzles. I stopped at the 4 Keys or a Funeral room, it was way too hard. Love the gfx.
Posted by Va1entine 31st December, 2009
Rated :

The community is seriously missing out on a classic! Adam makes a good point about the controls being alittle awkward. After you've been playing for literally 5 minutes your master them, its basically arrow keys to move and the bit to master...... the shift key to small jump or Hold shift key for longer/higher jump thats it!!!!!!!! I'd incorrige everyone to give this game ago and to stick with it untill you reach the scene titled "Street's challenge" and attempt the puzzle which will take you a couple of minutes. Thats when i realised Christmas Island was a classic.

Chris mentions on Acoders website that he didn't have enough time to spend on the presentation. In my opinion the presentation is 5 star! Its cute to look at and the thick black lines arround everything in the game have a cartoonie feel too it and worked very well.

The Music with the christmas theme is well suited and i enjoyed very much especially the retro title music which reminded me alot of the commodore 64, 5 star again Chris!

The game play is brilliant and was the main reason i kepted playing, it was just so geniously well thought out especially because you have to back track alot. The puzzle we're genious and had me scratching my head a few times but i soldiered on untill i completed it.
Each scene had a title and even that was genious with names like "STREET'S CHALLENGE" the first main puzzle, "A BRIDGE TO FAR" the end of the line, "INFINITY TRAVERSAL" spoiler alert very Clever Chris......!!! "Red Herring" meaning somthing in the scene isn't quite right and "the ultimante trail" the last scene pretty self explanatory. So what i'm trying to see even the scene titles are well thought out lol. 5 star again!

This needs to be reviewed on the next klik Cast its just genious!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Va1entine 31st December, 2009
Rated :

Thats true Matt i agree the 4 keys room is way too hard, you should have a look at this scene Chris took me a serious amount of goes to beat it! I'd imagine this is a sticking point where people would give up like Matt.
Posted by ThePodunkian 1st January, 2010
Rated :

i liked this very much -- it gave me a very good jet set willy vibe with the room names and exploration aspect. i was also a really big fan of the puzzle-esque gameplay, and the way you designed levels around it rather than building generic platform levels and having the engine act in this grid-like manner.

the music was also very good as well, and your art style has progressed loads (at least in terms of the character art -- you could still use a little work on the background art, haha.

anyways, i had a lot of fun with it. HAPPY NEW YEARS, NERDS.
Posted by AndyUK 1st January, 2010
Rated :

The screen design was really good. I recall playing Super Awesome Adventure Extreme so the controls weren't a problem for me.

If i died it was my own fault except one instance where i was at the top of the screen and held down jump to move two spaces horizontally but landed very quick (being at the top of the screen and all) and did a single jump as soon as i touched the floor.

Getting rid of that bug would make the movement pretty much perfect as far as I could see.

The game overall is really pretty good but looks like bog standard Circy graphically. Actually it's really good to see you releasing something new.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 1/1/2010
Posted by Matthew Wiese 1st January, 2010
Rated :

I beat the 4 Key room the first time I started the game again, but now I'm stuck on Infinite Traversal.
Posted by Introversity 1st January, 2010
Rated :

Great game! 5 Stars! Finally a decent puzzle platformer that uses the movement as the puzzle instead of using crates you have to push around!
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd January, 2010

Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

I'll take a look at slowing down the mines in the "4 Keys or a Funeral" room and will reupload when done... just haven't got time to do it today!

UPDATE: I just found time New version is up, it's a lot easier now to get past this screen
Comment edited by Circy Claus on 1/3/2010
Posted by Introversity 12th January, 2010
Rated :

Nooo, I loved how impossibly difficult the 4 keys room was!

By the way, I got the kid his present and now have no idea what to do; there's nothing in the crystal cave and I'm not sure what the infinity thing is. :/
Posted by The Chris Street 13th January, 2010

You have to find a second present and give it to the second kid.

The Infinity Traversal part does have a purpose... just not yet.
Posted by nim 27th January, 2010

I just downloaded this! I think it's a very good game, despite being heavily based on another game.
I didn't complete it but I'll definitely go back to it again. Of course, I remember SAAE so a lot of what I have to say has to do with that. I don't think Nick would mind you making this now but I remember there was a problem back when this game was announced (as Gribble Wacky World, in 2002) right after Super Awesome Adventure Extreme (SAAE) was released. I like that you've credited the source game's creator, even though most people probably won't have played SAAE.

The levels have had some thought put into them and there are some good action puzzle stages. SAAE had a few of these and you've picked up on that and added springs and some clever rooms.

I've seen a couple of issues so far. There's a bit of slowdown on one of the levels, which is particularly strange because it wasn't a level with a lot going on in it. Also, as phanto mentioned, it's too easy to accidentally initiate another jump if you don't let go of the button soon enough.

I like what I've played so far - and after reading some of these comments here it seems that I still have much more to explore. Nice to see that you're still making games.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th May, 2010

Where was the slowdown Nim?





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