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Wibble Wacky World: The First
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 20th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 329

Edited By Chris Street / Circy on 3/20/2005

Wibble Wacky World (tacked on subname "The First") is an abandoned platform game. What you get in this package are four levels plus a boss fight. You control a midget character, who must collect every single coin and kill other midget characters without getting killed himself. This game was released a long time ago, but newer members of the community may wish to see it. The title, options, and Level 2 music were created by me too, but every other tune is ripped.

Parts of this abandonware game are unfinished and may not make a lot of sense. Some menu options don't work, and the resolution (400x300) may not work fullscreen on some computers. There are bugs in the game, but don't forget that I created this, and released it, back in early 2002 (March, I think), when I was still pretty new to MMF.

Arrow keys to move left and right.
Shift to jump.
CTRL to shoot one bullet at a time. You can only dispose of enemies by shooting them! And, to complete a level, you MUST collect all of the coins before reaching the pole at the end. Stage 3 is the only level in which you don't have to get all the coins, but if you do, an extra life is the prize.

PS: The last level might run slowly too!

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 20th March, 2005

Fun, but I still find the "collect all the coins" part to be more tedious than fun.
Posted by AndyUK 20th March, 2005

Pretty good graphics. I can see some Mr stumps dentures in there somewhere. this is the fourth different version of 'Wibble wacky world' ive played and they are all completely different. There was the convention edition. The one with the really annoying sound effects One like the one above but better (still on my hd) This one,
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 20th March, 2005

The characters don't seem to fit in with the background style, and the text for health and lives looks bad. Although the actual game looks like it'll be quite fun. Downloading..
Posted by Liquixcat 20th March, 2005

'only completed games will make front page' - unless of course your an admin
Posted by Rikus 21st March, 2005

It's abandoned hence makes it completed, hence makes it to the front page.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st March, 2005

I'm not sure how much sense Rikus' explanation makes, but abandonware has certainly made it to the front page before.
Posted by axel 21st March, 2005

hmmm... i'll download later (i'm on vacation in the UK, on my mothers PC :P)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st March, 2005

Very nice, although I prefer the scribbly raymond character. ;)
Posted by Liquixcat 21st March, 2005

it was a joke, I don't
Posted by boke 22nd March, 2005

Very bed game
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd March, 2005

Nice constructive critisism there Boke. But I don't really care, since it was made over three years ago :P
Posted by Yai7 22nd March, 2005

Hey... You liked this? You might like my new demo! Download: Another Bubble Girl Come-on! My game is no worse than this. Give my new demo a try...
Posted by AndyUK 23rd March, 2005

"i'm on vacation in the UK, on my mothers PC" No you're not, when you're in the UK you're on Holiday.
Posted by c-jayf 23rd March, 2005

kinda bland, but I like it!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th March, 2005

The only problem I see with this (I know there's no going back since this is abandonware) is the level where your being chased by spikes. That took me a while. ;)
Posted by Rocketron 22nd December, 2006

bad graphics i didnt download it
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 7th May, 2007

this game made my poop sick





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