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Review: Zone Runner 2.1 / Mr Stumps Dentures Demo
Author: Mitch M
Added: 23/07/2003

ZoneRunner 1 or ZoneRunner 2? The million dollar question. (actually not) Zone Runner 2 beats number one on several parts. Although it's more of the same, it's bettered in a quite some ways. Some graphics improved. Engine more flawless (except for the still unde-bugged jump flaw) and the difficulty increases way better than the first one. All important parts of a good platformer. The idea of zone runner 2 is simple, yet fun and extremely addictive. Zone Runner 2 becomes like a drug, it sits on your desktop and chews away your klikking time, inviting you to the world of weird heads, small levels and NES-styled coins and inviorments. (I dunno if thats spelled correctly) You get 3 lives, which are only restored after completing a whole zone. (which is autosaved, luckilly) A zone containes 10 challanging, themed platform levels. Some of them scrollable, some of them not. The whole game has 3 different zones, which take quit some time to finish, do to slowly, but deffenatly increasing difficulty. This really becomes bitchy, esspecialy cous' you can't stop playing. Anyway, let's go through the main reviewing parts now:


As most of you already know, circy has a very special way of spriting. He outlines most of his sprites and characters. Nice backgrounds, coloured yet defenately not destracting. Rather nice moving objects, though I do not really like the angelwings when you die, (if that's what they are) but that's not an important issue. The Characters are rather well animated. 1 of the things he changed in Zone Runner 2 that WAS in Zone Runner 3 where the weird coloured things that appear when you hit 1 of the grey stars that kill you. I really liked those. All put together, I like Circy's graphic style though I could imagine you'd find it too simplistic. They don't take any fun away from the gameplay. Lets give them a nice, solid 73% from my magic review box. Well done.


Now here's what pushes Euphoric Rush's games to the top. Great game and level design, powered by superb, platformy engines and a little Circism is what his games are made of. Game after game he adds the console feeling to his applacations, which maked you play for hours, wanting to accomplish in completing the whole game. I'm a fan of his style and like playing his games. Also the Mr. Stump Demo, included in this multi pack, is greatly engined (no jumping flaw) and gives you a mario, SNES feeling. If your interested, you should go to, buy yourself some tickets and play the full version of this promising game. Enough about Mr. Stump, I'm reviewing Zone Runner 2 here. Altogeter, the gameplay's what makes this game a hit. 92% Great score!

Overall this games really good. A great sequal and 1 to play for any die-hard klikker, obsessed platformer, Euphoric Rush fan and all the other human beings, aliens, extremely smart monkeys, dogs, rabbits. (wait.. Scrap that last pet) This is a really nice game to play and learn from. It did inspire me and it could inspire you. overal score for this neat platformer is 79%, which is not bad for an overall! And it's not that big a download, so what are you waiting for? Download now. (please ignore exaggeration, do download now)

Reviewed by: Mitchell Monhemius (c) Aku Software 2003

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