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Review: Zone Runner
Author: Ashman
Added: 31/12/2002

Zone Runner Review

Honestly when I first saw this I thought,

'Circy, why do all your games look the same?'

then I thought that they look good and I'm a fan of his games so I'll give this one a whirl! I was severely impressed!

In regular Circy fashion, the graphics look very cartoony and, well, Circyish! The graphics are quite good and are very obviously the work of Mr Street!

Everything like the levels and title screen are well designed although I believe I saw some Convention Wibble Wacky World graphics in there....tsk tsk tsk!

This is the games high point, it's very entertainging to play. Intricately designed levels support an easy to control interface and challenging game style.

If anything it gets a little too difficult too quickly. It is not a gradual rise in difficulty. It has the Noobiez world which is profoundly easy, then the first level of the Ice world which is a little difficult but passable....then you got those damned Ice Block sods in Level 2 of the Ice world.....they get me everytime!

Marks lost for this!

Sound and Music
Hmmm, can't really say much about these. They were about average. Nothing special, nothing bad, just regular musics and sounds. A big check here!

I downloaded this the day it came the day after I was stuck on the Ice Block level....I have tried it at least once nearly everyday since then! I was putting of the review until I passed that level but personally I think it's impossible! Good Marks here!

Another good Circy game which is pleasing to the eye and the brain all at once.


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