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Welcome to the Click Museum! This is the place were you can find all those classic click games from the past. All the games in the museum are on the Daily Click Server for all to download so they will not get lost and will always be right here. Enjoy!

Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Quit Buggin'
Pesky Bugs, DIE
1 22 Jack or .. Arcade 4th Feb 24
Shoot & Dodge
Stay on the move and defeat the enemies as quickly as possible
3 46 Dannimáx Shoot 'Em Up 24th Jan 24
Candyman DEMO
Play as Candyman & attack anyone that says your name into a mirror.
0 23 oldgames.. Miscellaneous 17th Jan 24
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Play as Freddy Krueger and terrorize teenagers in their sleep.
1 21 oldgames.. Miscellaneous 17th Jan 24
Halloween: October 31st
Play as Michael Myers and stalk Laurie Strode.
1 22 oldgames.. Miscellaneous 17th Jan 24
Friday the 13th: Return To Camp Blood
Play as Jason Voorhees & kill the campers.
1 26 oldgames.. Miscellaneous 17th Jan 24
3D Maze beta
a short 3d horror game..
1 38 re15ster Miscellaneous 12th Jan 24
Stage Tower
A short platformer game.
0 38 re15ster Platformer 10th Jan 24
The Wizard & The Shadow Beast
Explore the land, fight monsters, find items and defeat The Shadow Beast!
2 46 The MPP Adventure 8th Jan 24
Ultimate-Multitasking is a game that multitasks four games simultaneously.
0 37 re15ster Miscellaneous 7th Jan 24
JJ's Doomsday Christmas
Help JJ rescue her friends to save her Christmas party!
1 55 BigAl0104 Adventure 25th Dec 23
Crazy Christmas
Merry Christmas!
0 43 Jack or .. Platformer 25th Dec 23
I Wanna Be The Megaman is difficult platform adventure.
0 34 re15ster Platformer 23rd Dec 23
Death Deliverancy 3: Recon
The fate of humanity rests in your hands – are you up to the challenge?
1 20 Martin F.. Action 19th Dec 23
Squary the Squarer in Snow Square
You must save christmas on Squalaland!
0 56 CoolPati.. Platformer 17th Dec 23
Enter the Black
Horror game where lights flicker every ten seconds
1 44 Tomssuli Adventure 2nd Nov 23
Flan Atrapa Bolas
This is a fangame of The Legacy of Flan
1 52 Juan Per.. Miscellaneous 1st Nov 23
Creepy Tower
Happy Halloween!
0 34 Jack or .. Platformer 30th Oct 23
Halloween Boss Battle
Boss battle that i made for the Halloween Boss Battle Game Jam
0 25 MinkoedZ.. Action 29th Oct 23
Halloween championship
Halloween championship
0 49 LordHannu Action 29th Oct 23
Halloween Rush
Help Billy recover the Mystical Candies from Franken's monsters!
3 43 BigAl0104 Action 29th Oct 23
A spine-tingling action platformer where you fight an angsty vampire
0 39 hellzy Action 29th Oct 23
A Tetromino game like Tetris that I created way back in 2004 using TGF
2 78 Cobra Bl.. Miscellaneous 11th Oct 23
Welcome to Bullet Hell - Arena Demo
An early build of an endless arena shooter
0 15 hellzy Shoot 'Em Up 7th Oct 23
Knight's Quest RPG Beta Build 1
Embark on an epic journey to rescue Princess Amelia from the evil Karlov!
0 57 BigAl0104 Role Playing Game 30th Sep 23
Signal Lost: Connected Edition
A visual novel about a couple trying to find their way out of a forest...
0 55 Ghost Da.. Interactive Fiction 23rd Sep 23
Death Deliverancy 2
"Death Deliverancy 2" is an intense 2D action game
1 100 Martin F.. Action 22nd Sep 23
Traverse through 30 levels; make sure to collect all coins on the way!
2 104 Dannimáx Action BigAl0104 (9/10) 30th Aug 23
Kona's Konquest
A game where you play as a cat shooting aliens to escape an alien ship.
0 44 Peeblo Action 21st Aug 23
Validus mortis
Validus Mortis is a 2D platformer in fantasy style.
0 115 LordHannu Adventure 19th Aug 23
BigAlGames Slots Collection
Test your luck and become the richest person at BigAlGames Casino!
1 72 BigAl0104 Miscellaneous 19th Aug 23
Flug The Slug 2020
Flug The Slug is a platformer based on my original creation from 2004.
1 47 Aliashoj Miscellaneous 10th Jul 23
Color Tiles
Game that was made using only 3 sprites! Try to complete all 32 levels!
0 85 MinkoedZ.. Puzzle 5th Jul 23
The Misadventures of Michael
FNaF 1 Fan Game but it's a Text Adventure (Freeware)
0 83 VictorCo.. Action 27th Jun 23
An overly ambitious action platformer - over a decade in the making.
1 85 Rocketron Platformer 20th Jun 23
Crazy Ball
How many rounds can you last?
0 28 Jack or .. Bat And Ball 16th Jun 23
Gremlor's last remaining days caught on film...
1 46 vomitwater Miscellaneous 27th May 23
ONYX (2023 re-release)
A 30-hour RPG with a dark, twisty story.
1 45 Adrian C.. Role Playing Game 20th May 23
Super Feed my Cat
Feed my cat by matching the gems on the screen and collecting cat food!
0 36 Yai7 Puzzle 7th May 23
A survival shooter featuring a florist and her super shotgun
1 57 hellzy Shoot 'Em Up 12th Apr 23
Hello Kitty's Morning Flower Shop
Help Kitty to use her Funnel and water all the flowers to make them grow!
1 47 Yai7 Arcade 12th Apr 23
The Lost Eggs
A game for a 2023 Easter GameJam by Jimbink
1 50 Martin F.. Platformer 8th Apr 23
Death Deliverancy
Clear out the Criminals Base and solve the Paperwork Incident!
1 102 Martin F.. Action 7th Apr 23
Endless RPG
Endless RPG with endless inventory. How far will you go?
0 87 MinkoedZ.. Role Playing Game 31st Mar 23
Crazy Towers
Go through some crazy towers!
2 69 Jack or .. Platformer Ambrion (9/10) 26th Mar 23
The World of Morphy's
A fun little rpg game!
2 51 ICMation.. Turn-based Strategy 3rd Mar 23
Space Cannon 3D
Shoot 'Em Up about cool spaceship and cosmic demons. Now in 3D
0 125 MinkoedZ.. Shoot 'Em Up 24th Feb 23
20 Crappy Games
A collection of some of the crappiest games ever made.
2 112 BigAl0104 Miscellaneous P-L-T-X (9/10) 22nd Jan 23
a basketball game
0 18 theottom.. Sport 21st Jan 23
Snow 2022
a late christmas game where you toss snow around, have fun!
1 37 theottom.. Engine 29th Dec 22
The Paper
The Paper is a Newspaper Puzzle Game made for the Melrose Game Jam 2022.
1 38 MonadoBo.. Puzzle 27th Dec 22
Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition
Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition - celebrating 20 years of Zone Runner!
1 56 Th.. Platformer 15th Dec 22
Infinite Romeo: Pie In The Sky
The original Klik & Play Romeo, now with procgen and high scores!
1 75 Danni Platformer 25th Nov 22
Hungry Hedgehogs 2022
Arcade game for TDC's Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam
0 128 Museum C.. Arcade 25th Nov 22
People are throwing stuff at Lobo! Protect him! For TDC Hi-Score Mash-up
0 153 Tammy Sp.. Arcade 25th Nov 22
Harry the Hedgehog
An entry for the TDC Hi-Score Mash-Up Game Jam!
0 77 BigAl0104 Platformer 21st Nov 22
Space hedgehogs
Space hedgehogs. The daily click 60-hour hi-score mash-up game jam.
0 153 LordHannu Shoot 'Em Up 20th Nov 22
infinite runner game about ocean trash
0 38 theottom.. Arcade GraySlic.. (6/10) 19th Oct 22
Triangle Bob and The Perilous Platforms
A game about something (most likely)
1 47 Moo Moo Platformer GraySlic.. (2/10) 18th Oct 22
Wilford - Deep Underground (early access)
A top down action game that plays like games of the 1980s and 1990s.
0 82 Lazernaut Action GraySlic.. (8/10) 9th Oct 22
JJ's Ubermon Journey
Battle your way to the top in order to become the greatest Ubermon trainer!
2 159 BigAl0104 Role Playing Game 15th Sep 22
Shell is a game where you play as a tank and you must shoot at buildings.
0 39 MonadoBo.. Action 13th Sep 22
Pakistan Resistance 2
Shoot 'Em Up about the Kashmir war, part 2. Now full version!
0 74 MinkoedZ.. Shoot 'Em Up 5th Sep 22
An ordinary Match-3 game with maybe some secrets
1 76 Fifth Puzzle 2nd Sep 22
Ten Stupid Apps
10 of the most stupid apps of all time in one game!
0 127 MinkoedZ.. Miscellaneous 25th Aug 22
Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection
Official game demos and gamepacks for K&P, TGF, C&C, MMF and CF
2 296 Joshtek Misc 23rd Aug 22
Little ninja asasins robotasieed
2d storybased action game
0 66 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 7th Aug 22
Little ninja asasins deadly magic turnament
2d storybased action game
0 68 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 6th Aug 22
Pakistan Resistance 2 Demo
Shoot 'Em Up about the Kashmir war, part 2
0 121 MinkoedZ.. Shoot 'Em Up 4th Aug 22
Leadership of the Gurts.
2d fighting game
0 51 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 2nd Aug 22
24 storybased action adventure game
0 50 sonicx234 Miscellaneous 26th Jul 22
Erumpo: Infinite Breakout
Erumpo is a high-speed breakout game with a twist!
0 135 Nudlez Bat And Ball 25th Jul 22
A game where you play as a little creature walking left and right.
1 250 Peeblo Arcade GraySlic.. (7/10) 15th Jul 22
Little ninja asasins blades of shadows
2d storybased action game
0 44 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 13th Jul 22
2d action game with some small puzeles
0 40 sonicx234 Miscellaneous 12th Jul 22
Little ninja asasins
2d storybased action game
0 48 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 8th Jul 22
A Game with a Kitty 1+2 & Treasure Hunter Man 1
Three bite-sized pixelly retro platformers!
2 219 bernie[FA] Platformer 17th Jun 22
Welcome to Bullet Hell - 2017 Edition
An older version of the totally best game in existence.
0 108 hellzy Shoot 'Em Up 12th Jun 22
Slasher night
2D kill victims as a slasher
1 217 LordHannu Retro GraySlic.. (9/10) 11th Jun 22
Super Vadimka
Super Vadimka - a free 2D platformer action video game
0 32 Vadim Platformer 29th May 22
The Shooter DEMO
Play as THE SHOOTER is this top down game, as you KILL the bad guys
0 72 PolyGonG.. Demo 6th May 22
TOUHOU 27.354828571
Touhou fighting game from someone who knows nothing about it.
0 49 Thought_.. Action 5th May 22
Pop Rock 'N' Roll DEMO
Balloon-popping action with the mouse. Don't pop the wrong ones!
1 196 Tammy Sp.. Action 21st Apr 22
Elder Mage
RPG about very old mage, whose village was attacked. Now full verison!
0 167 MinkoedZ.. Role Playing Game 6th Apr 22
Temple of Magic
Find the 7 magic Chalices and unlock the gates to Eden.
0 92 Ishmaru Adventure 30th Mar 22
Elder Mage Demo
RPG about very old mage, whose village was attacked.
1 120 MinkoedZ.. Role Playing Game 9th Feb 22
Flight of the Blazing Sparrow Hawk
A 30 stage over action game of crystal destroying goodness.
0 85 Indigo S.. Action 31st Jan 22
Synthetic Onslaught
Synthetic Onslaught Is an Anime RTS/Action Shooter Hybrid.
1 307 Ishmaru Real Time Strategy 21st Jan 22
Bixi'z OdysseY Free Download
Can Bixi Restore Balance and Collect all the Ancient Yen and Astro Orbs?!
0 81 Jabber Platformer 10th Jan 22
Cube Menace
Cube Menace is an endless top-down shooter where you fight red cubes
0 95 heav Arcade 1st Jan 22
Santa Deniers VS Santa Belivers
A Clash for the ages, between those who do and don't belive in Santa Claus
0 286 Thought_.. Shoot 'Em Up 24th Dec 21
Snow Time to Waste
30 minute game making competition entry
4 735 3kliksph.. Action 22nd Dec 21
Ruby A RWBY Fangame
Beat-Em-Up Based on web series RWBY
0 88 Ishmaru Beat 'Em Up 14th Dec 21
Filler 0
Filler 0 is a game where you must make a path for Paintballs
0 62 MonadoBo.. Puzzle 14th Dec 21
Flopple Caucassian Roullete
The apple tree version of the Pachinko Styled game, Caucassian Roullete.
0 55 Yai7 Miscellaneous 12th Dec 21
Space Cannon
Shoot 'Em Up about cool spaceship and cosmic demons
0 157 MinkoedZ.. Shoot 'Em Up 18th Nov 21
Ninja Force
Set forth on a quest to save Marlene from the evil samurai Shinju!
1 169 BigAl0104 Action 16th Nov 21
Volatile Witchcraft
Give the witches their medication before they destroy the world!
0 198 Tomssuli Platformer 2nd Nov 21
Pakistan Resistance
Shoot 'Em Up about the Kashmir war
0 143 MinkoedZ.. Shoot 'Em Up 31st Oct 21
Halloween a knights quest
Knight saving the village from halloween monsters.
1 307 LordHannu Retro GraySlic.. (8/10) 30th Oct 21




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