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Welcome to the Click Museum! This is the place were you can find all those classic click games from the past. All the games in the museum are on the Daily Click Server for all to download so they will not get lost and will always be right here. Enjoy!

Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Monster and Monster Jr.
K&P platformer using the default movement but original graphics
0 11 Museum C.. Platformer 24th Aug 19
It's Okay, Right
Plummet into the world of toasters, monsters and eggs!
0 6 TheComic.. Platformer 20th Aug 19
Space Force One (Windows, HTML5 & Flash)
Space Force One is an action shooter with one button controls
0 7 TechVision Miscellaneous 7th Aug 19
Jonny RPG
Experimental semi-autobiographical action adventure game with RPG elements
1 16 Museum C.. Adventure 2nd Aug 19
You are blob, move boxes and grab keys!
1 18 whoopz64 Puzzle MonadoBo.. (6/10) 26th May 19
Zodiac ninja
Zodiac ninja
0 17 LordHannu Miscellaneous 28th Apr 19
Black jack, 21
Black jack or 21
0 5 LordHannu Application 28th Apr 19
Liberball Tournament
Very simple ball game
0 17 Hayo Arcade 26th Apr 19
Sticky ball
Bouncing ball platform game.
0 5 LordHannu Miscellaneous 16th Apr 19
Happy Town
Create wonderful little towns in this isometric puzzle game!
1 16 Sheep St.. Puzzle MonadoBo.. (9/10) 8th Apr 19
The Wizard RPG
Defeat The Shadow Beast to save the world from going into eternal darkness!
1 47 The MPP Role Playing Game BigAl0104 (8/10) 25th Feb 19
Reactive Rippling Water from Sundown Shambles
Reactive Rippling Water from Sundown Shambles Big thanks from 3Kliksphilip
0 12 William .. Engine 24th Feb 19
Playing as SPLORB, rebel against the vile beast known as the green man.
0 12 bombisGa.. Action 4th Feb 19
Snowball Shootout
Snowball Shootout is an arcade shooting game
0 14 MonadoBo.. Arcade BigAl0104 (6/10) 27th Jan 19
RPG Name Creator Open Source
Open source for creating RPG style name creation.
0 29 Otter Tutorial whoopz64 (8/10) 22nd Jan 19
An extravagant top down shooter.
0 33 Kane_Har.. Shoot 'Em Up 19th Jan 19
Sim-Fish 1.0
Manage a household fish tank in this classic Tamagotchi-inspired sim
1 36 Museum C.. Retro 12th Jan 19
Freddie Trims a Tree
Point and click adventure game with a Christmas theme
1 46 Museum C.. Adventure BigAl0104 (8/10) 24th Dec 18
Space Tyranny
Delrone is under attack by Zirgols, it's up to Terabotron to stop them!
0 34 BigAl0104 Action MonadoBo.. (9/10) 23rd Dec 18
Mammie is a 2D Platformer that has Mammie explore Alo-213
1 13 MonadoBo.. Platformer BigAl0104 (7/10) 23rd Nov 18
Welcome to Bullet Hell
Top-down bullet hell-like shooter for your screenshake needs.
0 7 hellzy Action 14th Nov 18
Bounce the Raccoon
A raccoon mascot platformer with all the spinoffs!
6 47 Fifth Platformer MonadoBo.. (10/10) 12th Oct 18
Santa on Fire
Save Christmas Day!
0 11 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
Trump Space Invaders
You don't need this game? Wrong. You're wrong.
0 15 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
King Arthur: Magic Sword
Are you the true King?
0 9 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
Slovakia Up
Build the highest historical building from Slovakia
0 15 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
Ole Bunny
Will be your bunny the best matador of all time?
0 11 sekip Arcade 7th Sep 18
Tutti Fruiti Arrow Sparrow
An simple four stage action game.
0 17 Indigo S.. Action 3rd Sep 18
Blue Shirt Bad Guys
You go around the enemy base killing the bad guys that wear blue shirts.
0 21 Maguso212 Action MonadoBo.. (6/10) 1st Sep 18
Stellar Invasion
The Zurgons have invaded the Solar System, it's up to you to stop 'em!
1 26 BigAl0104 Shoot 'Em Up 19th Aug 18
Blobs Adventure
A short platforming game with 4 levels and 1 boss fight
2 45 Prox276 Platformer MonadoBo.. (8/10) 8th Aug 18
A Rage Inducing Platformer
1 36 Official.. Platformer 28th Jul 18
Alex & Friends' Quest
Help Alex rescue his friends and stop the evil Alexoor!
2 35 BigAl0104 Adventure MonadoBo.. (5/10) 5th Jul 18
The Pilgrim's Maze
Version 0.1.0 of TPM.
0 16 Pumkin Arcade 23rd Jun 18
Circle Up
Casual game where goal is to avoid obstacles on the way.
0 316 Leon Seb.. Adventure 20th Jun 18
Zone Runner: Portable
Zone Runner returns after a 15 year break!
1 66 Th.. Platform AndyUK (7/10) 19th Jun 18
Caverns is an Atari 2600 style game in where you play as an alien
0 21 MonadoBo.. Retro BigAl0104 (6/10) 15th Jun 18
Help Man-Pac eat all of the food and escape the maze!
1 28 BigAl0104 Retro 5th Jun 18
Help Pac-Flan get out of a maze!
3 41 The MPP Retro MonadoBo.. (8/10) 4th Jun 18
Kriegshund: No Man's Land
Alternative History Shooter RPG
2 37 Otter Role Playing Game 28th May 18
Robotic Invasion Legacy
Help Greeny save his friends and world, in this bright, retro platformer.
1 39 TechVision Platformer ron sivan (8/10) 18th May 18
The Legendary Captain - Indev 0.3
Make Your Pirate Ship The Best You Can!
1 20 Riffo Adventure 17th May 18
TGF1 Tetris V.0.7
Tetris made with TGF1.
1 48 five Puzzle BigAl0104 (6/10) 14th May 18
Snails vs Aliens
Game Maker 8.1
0 38 HTX Games Shoot 'Em Up MonadoBo.. (7/10) 10th May 18
Help Dracula gain back his castle!
2 48 BigAl0104 Platformer MonadoBo.. (8/10) 21st Apr 18
Get ready soldier, the war has started!
1 23 The MPP Arcade MonadoBo.. (7/10) 21st Apr 18
Bug o Bug
Bug o Bug was the game that won the sprummer game competition
0 16 MonadoBo.. Shoot 'Em Up BigAl0104 (7/10) 19th Apr 18
INVASION - Clickteam Cutscene Test
A Clickteam cutscene test
0 8 The MPP Miscellaneous 13th Apr 18
Romeo and Juliet Death Scene
My version of the Romeo & Juliet death scene that I made for school
0 15 MonadoBo.. Miscellaneous 11th Apr 18
Mech Land DEMO
The demo of Mech Land.
0 15 The MPP Action 4th Apr 18
Rat Channel
Join a rat hunter as he cleans the underground.
0 12 Le Wolta.. Adventure 4th Apr 18
Project Pinball
Project Pinball- A canceled pinball action game
0 26 MonadoBo.. Abandoned The MPP (1/10) 25th Mar 18
Noah & Cynthia's Multiplayer Ruimte Avontuur
A crappy game made as a joke between friends.
0 14 The MPP Action MonadoBo.. (6/10) 21st Mar 18
Angry Santa
You are Santa and you are trying to save Christmas!
0 9 Shaen Action MonadoBo.. (5/10) 7th Mar 18
Dragon Byte
Move in a maze & defeat all the monsters who try to attack your castle!
0 38 Yai7 Arcade 2nd Mar 18
Starry Blaster
A game made to have the classic Klik feel!
3 27 The MPP Action MonadoBo.. (9/10) 23rd Feb 18
A simple game I made in about an hour.
0 28 The MPP Retro MonadoBo.. (5/10) 12th Feb 18
Brutalo Deluxe 2
Brutalo Deluxe 2 is a 2D deathmatch game with flesh and blood.
0 40 Frank Dr.. Action 11th Feb 18
Romeo 3 (Fan Made)
A fan made sequel to the games by Clickteam
0 31 The MPP Platformer MonadoBo.. (6/10) 6th Feb 18
Gobs of Ghosts - Soak Test
action arcade ghosts goblins
3 27 Knudde (.. Action 5th Feb 18
Monster hunter Pinball
Monster hunter pinball
0 21 LordHannu Miscellaneous MonadoBo.. (4/10) 2nd Feb 18
The Quest for Wonton Soup II
Asian man collecting coins to buy wonton soup (KNP game)
0 14 oldgames.. Retro The MPP (7/10) 1st Feb 18
The Sword of Cobalt: Act II
The sequel to an old game I downloaded in the AOL communities.
0 16 oldgames.. Abandoned 1st Feb 18
The Sword of Cobalt: Act I
Act 1 of an old game from the AOL communities. Final Fantasy styled.
0 16 oldgames.. Abandoned 31st Jan 18
Slimy- A game where you survive as long as possible
1 29 MonadoBo.. Arcade Oskar,,, (6/10) 28th Jan 18
A & 1
A & 1, is a relfex keyboard game, type as fast as you can !
1 16 P-L-T-X Miscellaneous MonadoBo.. (5/10) 18th Jan 18
Friendship Adventure
No enemies, No evil, Just Friends
1 46 Jonny Co.. Role Playing Game MonadoBo.. (4/10) 14th Jan 18
A simple ice engine
A simple ice engine. Changes accelaration when certain things are done
0 12 Josh Hay.. Platformer 13th Jan 18
Retro Shot Golf Abandoned Open Source
golf mfa open source sports
0 32 Knudde (.. Miscellaneous MonadoBo.. (8/10) 13th Jan 18
Rotation Example
This is a simple rotation example.
0 39 The MPP Engine 30th Dec 17
Metroid Return To Zebes
Just a simple little Metroid fan game I made.
0 81 The MPP Platformer MonadoBo.. (7/10) 8th Dec 17
Fully customisable Pong clone for one or two players.
2 16 Tammy Sp.. Bat And Ball BigAl0104 (9/10) 28th Nov 17
Mine Avoider
A simple puzzle game I made in about 5 hours.
0 24 The MPP Puzzle MonadoBo.. (8/10) 22nd Nov 17
The deep castle
Killi all the monsters in your path.
2 63 LordHannu Retro 10th Sep 17
Soko Banish
Sokoban game with new elements. Solve puzzles or make your own!
0 28 Tammy Sp.. Puzzle 22nd Aug 17
Sneak through a warehouse without being shot to death
0 51 Victor A.. Real Time Strategy 28th Jun 17
Busy Buzzy Bee
Busy Buzzy Bee needs YOUR help to collect lovely plant pollen!
0 45 James Ma.. Arcade 14th May 17
Smiley Island
A browser game made in HTML5.
1 116 nanoco Platformer 27th Mar 17
Yin Yang Room AT
Collect or destroy the falling symbols to transform the creature
0 26 oranssi Puzzle 5th Feb 17
Furyman - The Dragon Warrior ☯
Addictive arcade fighting game!
0 39 Draq Arcade 19th Jan 17
A small arcade shooter with 24 levels.
0 30 Potato God Miscellaneous 24th Dec 16
Jenner's Vehicular Manslaughter Rampage
Cause as many crashes as possible but remain unharmed yourself.
0 30 Gerwin K.. Drive 'Em Up 25th Nov 16
Music Master II
MSX computer music disk related
0 40 daeel Application 19th Nov 16
Safely escort turtles to a castle.
0 38 Gerwin K.. Action 16th Nov 16
Nexus Drone
A game of speed and agility.
0 31 Gerwin K.. Miscellaneous 5th Nov 16
The Ballkiller 2
Action shooter in which the player takes on an army of balls.
0 29 Gerwin K.. Action 29th Oct 16
Esper Excite
Demo for modern day, science fiction RPG made with Fusion
0 31 clowcode Role Playing Game 29th Oct 16
Blue Carmigeddion
Play as blue with his quest to get to the end of the dungeon.
0 19 EchoIsPro Platformer 27th Oct 16
Wonder boy 3 dragon's trap Concept level
Dragon's trap 3d Concept model. A 3d redesign of wonder boy 3.
0 22 eclexp Miscellaneous 12th Oct 16
Exploded Man
Destroy property, singe hostages, and save the day as Exploded Man!
0 41 Carnivor.. Platformer 6th Oct 16
The Miners Demo
Mining management game. Dig tunnels and look for treasures.
0 56 Nornik Miscellaneous 13th Jul 16
MIGHT is a team arena brawler with fun and fast-paced combat.
0 43 ffwdgames Miscellaneous 28th Jun 16
New 3D Engine for CF2.5 (works)
Shows how a 3d game can be made with CF2.5
0 203 path Engine 26th May 16
a color coded platform game
0 47 .. Platformer 24th Apr 16
Ignis mortis
Ignis mortis is a 2d platformer adventure game.
0 172 LordHannu Adventure 16th Apr 16
Dodge the Walls
A game to get to the end of each room without touching the walls
0 24 River Th.. Arcade 26th Mar 16
Champions of Arkazure
Offline Multiplayer RPG
0 32 Greg Spo.. Role Playing Game 16th Mar 16
A SWAT Themed Top Down Shooter
0 96 Gustas Shoot 'Em Up 8th Mar 16
TREX and Muscle SAM: A New Kickstart! DEMO
A graphic adventure in the world of pro wrestling!
0 92 Pietro T.. Adventure 23rd Feb 16
platformer adventure, collect items solve enigmas
2 756 wonderbo.. Adventure Lazer Co.. (9/10) 26th Jan 16




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