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The Wizard & The Shadow Beast
Author: The MPP Submitted: 8th January, 2024 Favourites:2
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 73

The Wizard & The Shadow Beast

A mysterious monster called "The Shadow Beast" has risen from the darkest corner of the earth and is planning to cover the entire world in eternal darkness! Many wizards and mages have already gone on a quest to defeat The Shadow Beast, but none of them have returned, or they retreated because of the terror they felt when looking into his eyes. Now there only remains a small group of magic users and one of them decides to go on a quest to defeat The Shadow Beast.
The Shadow Beasts resides in a temple where it is training for it's next strike. The keys to the temple were each given to a guardian to protect, with them proceding to spread out around the land.
Will you be the wizard to save the world?

This is a shooter/ adventure game. You explore the land, blasting enemies with your spell attack, finding amulets to upgrade your power and defeating bosses to get keys which will give you access to the final boss' area.

WASD - Move player
Mouse - Aim
Left Click/ Shift - Fire Magic Spell
Esc - Exit Game

Gamemodes & Stars:
The game has five different game modes to play. Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Insane. You can unlock new gamemodes by completing the one that comes before it. For each gamemode you beat, you'll get a shiny star on the main menu screen. You can also get stars by finding secrets. There are seven stars in total.

Extra info:
This game is actually an improved version of my previous game "The Wizard RPG" back in 2019. While liked by some, a lot of people had problems with it. So I made this version with a new name and more features! It has improved graphics, improved gameplay, bugs fixes, more detailed environments, better boss battles, new enemies, unlockable gamemodes & lots of secrets to find.

Note: Game comes with "Modules" folder and .DAT file. Make sure these are in the same folder as .exe, otherwise the game won't run.

Special thanks to BigAl0104 and Vect0r who helped me with development.

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Posted by Dannimáx 28th January, 2024

Hey, I really liked this, it's short and sweet, and very charming, I really like all the boss designs. It's a bit on the easier side although I did play on normal mode.

Also, I uploaded a small playthrough of it here:
Posted by Joshtek 28th January, 2024

Thanks for sharing this updated game. I didn't play it last time around, but I've 100%ed it now... or maybe 110%'ed it

* Fun graphics and end credits
* Intuitive controls (plus cut scenes are skippable) and no issues navigating (e.g. getting stock on objects)
* Usually clear what to do and what to do next, inc. visual indication of how much damage is being made
* Lots of different enemies
* Some replayability from the different difficulties, the secrets, etc.
* Levelling up through the game gives sense of progress
* Nice that there are mini levels with their own bosses to mix things up and fun to have some NPCs to talk to
* World is a good scale - plenty to explore, but hard to get too lost. Generally, the game is a nice length.

* If you select continue when you first install the game it brings you to a broken version of the game
* "It's" should be "its" in opening scroll.
* When I started on hard mode I spawned on the location of a monster.
* Visual changes when moving into and out of first cave is sometimes buggy. When you leave, it sometimes keeps the effect which obscures vision until you go back in and out again.

Room for improvement:
* Music freezes when you move between sections. Maybe resolved through having non-MIDI music?
* While there is some variation in enemy movement and attack patterns the combat is a bit simplistic, with the 'best' tactic for defeating the enemies usually being the same cautious strategy.
* First sound effect is good, but others get a bit grating after the hundredth shot. If you're going to hear something so many times, it needs to either be unobtrusive or very good..
Posted by The MPP 28th January, 2024

@Dannimáx I’m glad you enjoyed the game so much! I had a lot of fun drawing all the boss sprites. And thanks for the video, I think that’s really special.

@Joshtek Seems like you’ve definitely 110%’ed this game, lol. I’m glad that you were able to find the secrets on your own. I was afraid I might’ve hidden them too well! Thanks for the feedback.
Posted by Joshtek 2nd February, 2024

@The MPP: My experience of playing Scott's games probably helped me find the secrets... along with the fact I knew there were secrets to find





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