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Endless RPG
Author: MinkoedZamorVedro Submitted: 31st March, 2023 Favourites:0
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Endless RPG is my little fun project that I created as a base for my future game, which will also be released soon. In this project, I tried to work on inventory, as well as random generation of the world. Enjoy!

The game world is absolutely endless and consists of many small worlds. Each of them is randomly generated and consists of obstacles (i.e. trees, volcanoes, tombstones, etc.) and a shop (it appears in each world with a 33.3% chance). To go to the next world, you need to go to the right passage, and to return to the previous world, you need to go to the left passage. The minimum possible world is 1. Periodically you will be attacked by various monsters. There are 2 types of monsters in each world: the strong one and the weak one. There will also be bosses at the end of some worlds, they will even be visible on the map. They are much stronger than the ordinary monsters. In the upper right corner there are your 4 main characteristics: health, level, money, and how much experience you need to reach the next level.

There are turn-based battles in Endless RPG. Whose turn will be the first is randomly chosen. The enemy has only one ability: a standard strike. You can choose among three options: standard strike, item, or run. Standard strike and run waste your turn, but item doesn't. The item option gives you ability to use potions. There are 2 types of them in the game: health and poison. The first (who would have thought) restores health, and the second imposes a poisoning effect on the enemy, which absorbs its health every turn. The run option gives you ability to escape the battle. It works with 33,3% chance. Also, with a 33.3% chance, you can land a critical hit that deals 1.5 times more damage. After defeating the enemy, you get money and experience.

Levelling up
To level up, you need to gain a certain amount of experience. To increase the level to 2, you need 100 experience, to 3 - 200, to 4 - 300, and so on. As you level up, you fully restore your health, and your maximum health amount increases by 30. With every 5 levels, health increases by another 50. The initial maximum health amount is 200. Also, your damage depends on the level, but not so much.

In the Shop you can buy potions and equipment: armor and weapons. With each next world, the cost of armor and weapons will increase. The cost of potions will also increase, but their cost will remain the same for shops from previous locations.

Inventory and Equipment
Weapons increases your damage, and armor lowers the damage received from enemies. The bigger the world you bought a weapon or armor, the higher its characteristics. These characteristics can be viewed in the inventory. Inventory opens when you click on the bag in the upper left corner of the screen. The inventory shows the name of the equipment, its cost and strength (or armor). Equipment can be sold for half the cost. To use the equipment, you need to click on the "Equip" button. The inventory is endless. If you have filled more than 6 slots, just use the buttons under the inventory.

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