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Elder Mage
Author: MinkoedZamorVedro Submitted: 6th April, 2022 Favourites:0
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Edited By MinkoedZamorVedro on 10/04/2022

I want to dedicate this game to the one who inspired me to create games, Scott Cawthon. Thanks to him, I got acquainted with the Clickteam Fusion engine, and indie games in general.

Life in the village of magicians calling themselves eldermages has been quiet for several hundred years. It was inhabited by only a few magicians, but their power was so great that they repelled all the attacks of pirates and monsters. But one day, thunder struck. A creature calling itself Volcanoid appeared from somewhere. It destroyed the village and killed its inhabitants.

At the very beginning of the game you will appear on the map. On it you can find chests in which there may be something useful. You can also come across a store on the map: so far you can only buy four things in it: a skill point, an upgrade for a magic wand, 100 experience points for all of the characteristics, and two of every potion. You can also find save points on the map. If you stand on them, your game will be saved, so when you are defeated by some opponent, you will recover at this save point.

Every 10-15 seconds your mage is attacked. There are two types of opponents at each location. In battle, you choose the abilities you want to use in real time. The lower the ability is in the list, the more it spends charge. Each ability does something different, but there are similar abilities. The charge counter that this ability spends can be seen near another counter that shows the current charge of the player. Below it, you can see the player's charge bar: when it is filled, the player will receive one charge point. The opponent has two to four different abilities, such as normal attack, enhanced attack, deceleration, poisoning, and healing.

You can also use potions in battle: there are four types of them in total: Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. Green restores some health to the magician, blue deals medium damage to the enemy, yellow gives the mage a charge point, and red deals low damage to the enemy, but heals the mage.

Upgrade Menu
You get to the upgrade menu immediately after defeating the enemy. In it, you get experience for defeating the enemy, as well as some additional items that may drop of it with some chance. They can be rare, such as 100 experience points or potions. A mage has three characteristics: strength, health, and speed. The experience gained for winning is given for all characteristics in the same way, but the experience that drops as an additional item can only be given to one of them: to do this, first click on the experience that dropped, then on the characteristic that you want to upgrade. If you click on the potion, it will remain in your inventory and it can be used in battle.

After gaining a certain amount of experience, the player increases the level of characteristics. This will give you a skill point. If you click on the green arrow in the menu, you will be transported to another screen where you can buy additional abilities for skill points. They are stronger than the initial abilities of the player, but mostly have a narrow specialization. In order to unlock stronger abilities, you first need to acquire weaker ones.

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