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Hryak Legend
Author: MinkoedZamorVedro Submitted: 17th February, 2021 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 125

Edited By MinkoedZamorVedro on 22/06/2021


Hryak Legend is my first game! You play as a middle-aged Russian (more precisely, there are four of them, but not the essence). They are taking revenge on the evil flying metalloloma because he destroyed the Soviet Union!


At the map you will be attacked by all sorts of evil inhabitants of all kinds of forests and caves. Use arrow keys to move.

Changing Characters

After each battle, you will receive new fighters (more precisely, the inhabitants of this vast country) in the team.
To change a character to another available one, click on the character you want to change, and then on the icon of the one you want to take.

Why is the game called Hryak Legend? This you must find out for yourself!

v 1.1.1
-Bugs Fixed

v 1.2.1
-Bugs Fixed

v 1.3.1
-Bugs Fixed

v 1.4.1
-Added "Go Back" button to go back to Pig Field.
-Bugs Fixed

v 1.5.1
-Bugs Fixed

v 1.6.1
-Added new character: Farmer

v 1.7.1
-Added new characters: Fisher and Clown
-Added new secret boss
-Added new location
-Added new enemies

v 1.8.1
-Bugs Fixed

v 2.0.1
-Added new secret boss
-Added new easter egg

v 2.1.1
-Bugs Fixed (including bug with stopping battle)
-Added new secret boss
-Your characters in team are enhanced
-More experience drops out of the enemies

v 2.1.2
-Bugs Fixed

v 2.1.3
-Balanced enemy attacks
-Bugs Fixed

If you have some bugs in this game, write in comments.

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Posted by Efimich3310 19th February, 2021
Rated :

I think Hryak Legend is the best game in genre RPG!
Posted by MinkoedZamorVedro 19th February, 2021

@Efimich 3310 thank you very much!
Posted by Joshtek 20th February, 2021

Impressive first game. I can definitely see your personality and sense of humour coming through.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 20/02/2021
Posted by Lompo Fokkaeng 28th March, 2021
Rated :

Hello, MinkoedZamorVedro! I see that your game is very good. It is very interesting to play it. Many locations and opponents, great music. I rated it by five stars. Good luck!
Posted by Yai7 23rd June, 2021

"אגדת עיראק"
Posted by Tomssuli 29th July, 2021

Funny game ...too bad it got stuck on the pig. The turn meters just stopped moving so I had to quit





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