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Pakistan Resistance 2
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The Indian army has returned again! You will have to repeat the feat and defend the borders again!

In the menu you have to press Enter to start the game. You can also see the hero's order. You will get it after completing every level with 3 stars.

On the map you can choose the level you want to play. Available levels are indicated in red, closed levels are indicated in gray, and completed levels are indicated in blue. The icons of the completed levels will also show the number of stars that you received for completing. Also there are boss levels, indicated as dark-red color, and dangerous levels, which have a skull icon on their flags.

In the shop you can upgrade your weapons, or buy a new one. You can improve the strength of the weapon, as well as its rate of fire. Clicking on the weapon icon will show the strength of this weapon, its rate of fire, as well as practicality, the value of which does not depend on upgrades. You can also buy ammo for your weapon. The pistol has endless ammo.


Beretta 92 (Pistol) - weak weapon with small fire rate, but it's good to use it in the beginning of the game.

HK MP5 (Machine Gun) - weapon with great fire rate, really good at destroying groups of enemies.

SSG 69 (Rifle) - high-damage weapon, really good at destroying big targets.

RPG 7 (Rocket Launcher) - heavy-damage rocket weapon, attacks big groups of enemies, but has really low fire rate. You can upgrade it's explosion range.

In the battle, you are in your tower, on the left side of the screen. From there you have to shoot at the soldiers who are attacking from the right side of the screen. Also you can move using left and right arrows. At the first level, only one type of soldier will attack the player, but with each one the number of soldiers will increase, and new types will also appear. To select the weapon you need, click on the number that it is indicated in the upper left corner of the battle. The icon of the weapon you take will be marked in red. Under the numbers indicating the weapon, the number of ammo of the current weapon will be shown, as well as the cooldown of shooting. Under the number of ammo, the amount of health remaining in your tower will be shown. Under the health bar will be the amount of score received for killing soldiers.

After a battle
After defeating all the enemies on the level, you will be shown a screen that will show the number of stars for completing the level. You will get three stars if the tower has more than 80% health, you will get two stars if the tower has more than 50% health, and you will get one star if the tower has less than 50% health. Also on this screen will be shown the amount of money for completing the level, for killing enemies, as well as for getting stars.

There is secret challenge hidden on the level select screen. It's really hard to beat, but give it a try.

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