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Hello Kitty's Morning Flower Shop
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 12th April, 2023 Favourites:1
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 50

Edited By Joshtek on 13/04/2023

Edited By Yai7 on 12/04/2023

Current game contains 32 levels with 8 different enemy types and 4 Powerups.

Based on the Famicom platform game, here is a top-down maze adventure where you play Kitty as she water flowers to make them grow... Avoid squirrels and snails and hit them with your wooden hammer to stun them as they are near you... Grow all plants in the level to win.

How to play?

When you are in front of a flower pot hold Z button in order to water the plant
Do the same with Z button when under a water drip to refill your funnel with water

When near an enemy, press X button to hit it with a wooden hammer to stun it.

The Various Power-Ups are:

Red Strawberry - Invincibility
Orange - Stun all Enemies
Pink Strawberry - Extra-Life
Blueberry - Wave-Hammer

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Posted by Ambrion 10th May, 2023
Rated :

Well I certainly didnít expect something THIS grand to come out, thatís for sure. Iím stoked!
It gives off the NES/Famicom vibe mostly by the gfxs, sfxs as well as the chiptune soundtrack. I got to level 3 only to give it a try and see if itís worth going through the experience, I will make sure to later dedicate myself in beating this whole thing.
The engine has a special delay to it, like itís meant to play this way. Intentionally, it makes sense. The challenge simply has to be there. It feels wonderful when you have to stand still and refill your funnel bar/water the plantsÖ. as long as youíre far away from the squirrels.
As for the obstacles, they arenít overly hard to avoid. Their pattern is pretty easy to master, as in itís not like in Klik & Play games where the movement pattern is all over the place so you can only pray for luck in beating the level without struggling for literal hours. Thereís no such absurdity here, so all is well.
Keep up the fantastic work, Yai. I would like this game to make it big someday, itís got that commercial feel to it with the whole idea set in place!





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