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Super Feed my Cat
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 7th May, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 38

Gingivitis is a puzzle game where you score points by blasting gemstones and collecting cans of cat food.

Go feed my ginger cat, Shpachtel by Matching the different blocks to explode them up,
a mismatch can create a cat-food can that can be withrawn out of the button of the screen when you blast more gems to clear the board... When blasting many of them a power-star can appears and you can blast it to clear more gems on the field.

Us Z to blast the gems with your arrow and X to switch into another color in case you want to choose another option to blast the board.

This game was created after I had a dream at night about my cat getting angry at me for creating and promoting this game, refusing it to be released, Then I woke up at the morning and decided I should make the game I was seing in my dream, and here it is presented to you!

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Posted by Joshtek 9th May, 2023

It's been a few years since Star Slider so good to see you doing another puzzle game.

I had some fun playing this, although for some reason there was a bug where the next block to come down would flash and pressing Z did nothing which meant I just had to wait for the screen to full up (capping my score at 1941 having obtained 24 cat food).

I also notice that on the title screen it says to press X or Y but it actually accepts X, Z or Enter but not Y.
Posted by Jack or John 12th May, 2023

Very solid puzzle game. My only gripes are the controls are x and z, despite the title screen replacing z with y. The explosive barrels also confuse me on how they function. Overall, the game is fun, and the controls are pretty good.

Oh yeah while playing I glitched the game out and I have no idea how






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