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Author: vomitwater Submitted: 27th May, 2023 Favourites:1
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Edited By vomitwater on 27/05/2023

As David Gilmour of Pink Floyd once said: "We all have our dark side to say the least."

Gremlor is no exception. He's a living being just like you and me. Although what you consider to be a "dark side" is definitely different than what he thinks. Is this a game? An experience? Who knows! It might be both!

Go through Gremlor's life as it falls apart through seemingly random exercises in patience.

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 (110 mkb )

Posted by Ambrion 6th June, 2023

I love how this game is like Revenge of the Sunfish, which is not bad at all. It brings funny memories.
Posted by vomitwater 7th June, 2023

we stan a sunfish queen ty




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