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KILLING MACHINE: Movement is an overly ambitious action platformer.
You are Kador, a heavily armed nano-augmented spell casting former agent of the Corset Timarchy. You navigate a psypunk future society of shifting alliances. Starting in the continent of Mass City.

31 Weapons
13 Spells
15 Augments
8 Types of grenade
Complex and compelling story
Many cutscenes
Philosophical conversations
59 Voice actors
Complex hacking terminals
54 Levels
Spread across two acts
Kung-fu combo system
Custom music
8 Game modes
Secrets you'll never find
In game chat
15 years of feature creep

Any trouble? See this page:

A ton of effort put has been put in, and it has been an extremely ambitious project. We had big plans and intentionally let the feature creep flow. At times we questioned if it would ever be done.
What we have ended up with is a huge game with a ridiculous amount of features. Many guns, many spells, many augments, different types of grenade, a huge story, tons of voice actors, loads of cutscenes, an IRC client, different game modes, loads of levels, etc, etc.

Movement started in 2006. We wanted a challenging platform game where a skilled player could move in unusual ways. You have spells like teleport, fly and etherialise (which lets you can move through walls). We kept adding guns to your arsenal. We just kept going but our plans kept growing too.

This game needed a story, so in 2007 we commissioned one from the our friend. We knew he would go overboard with a long and over the top ambitious story. It took four hours to write the initial script, but even at that time it was clear that its four acts equaled the ambiton of the project. With him on board the game gained an atmosphere, an art direction and a ton of cutscenes. The story became a prequel to an old game KILLING MACHINE.

But as such a huge project there was lot of work. The years went on and this work became sporadic.

Sadly one of our two developers died at the age of 27 during this time. He was the creator of the original KILLING MACHINE, the person who would have played this game the most. Development slowed to a halt after this. This game is dedicated to him

A few years later in 2021, we dusted this project off. So much work had been sunk into it already. We decided one way or another we would get it completed. Scoped back to two acts from the original four, it was possible. The end was in sight. We said give it one year and release whatever state it is in.

Two years later, it is 2023, we are overdue on every deadline, but it is finally here!

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