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Crazy Christmas
Author: Jack or John Submitted: 25th December, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 59

Merry Christmas! Phil decides to have Christmas dinner party and invites Gavin to come over! Play through two harder Christmas versions of towers 1 & 3 from Crazy Towers with new bosses!

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Posted by Ambrion 31st December, 2023
Rated :

It's pretty good for a Christmas edition, but I do have some gripes with it from what I've played so far.

When I play as Frank, his double jump has this odd delay to it. The way I can sometimes do a double jump in the Heat Tower and sometimes can't makes the section, where the cracked platforms are the only way you can go over the red instant-death spikes and having Thrill on the right side, impossible for me to beat. I'm pretty sure it's not my keyboard, the controls tend to be very sensitive when you even move an inch, so the said spiked section is definitely challenging for that matter. Also, the mid-air jump is of shorter range than a regular jump, so my advice is to make it the same range as the regular jump in case people find some obstacles too difficult. I appreciate a good, beatable challenge, but I'm sure there has to be a reason behind everything being made, right?

In the Gallary section, the text above reads Z and Y key are used to toggle through the many heroes and foes (All of which have their own description attached to them), whereas it's the Z and X key that do the real job. I suggest patching this as soon as you can so that the text doesn't end up being totally misleading (Maybe it has to do with there being another keyboard, who knows, but it's 100% different on my end). You can leave Z and X as the toggle keys, but make sure to just replace 'Y' with 'X' in the text and you'll be fine.

The mid-paced rotating obstacles, which are straight up candy canes, end up going behind the Christmas lights instead of going over them. I suppose this has to do with layering the active objects, but I did find it strange in the Heat Tower when after your feet hit the springs to perfectly land on the cracked platforms, you drop down where the two Helmet Bills are depending on which side you chose.

I didn't bring up the Snow Tower that much because I managed to beat it after a few tries, however I CAN say that the boss is no joke when his giant snowballs bounce you back and deactivate your controls temporarily so that you only fall onto the red instant-death spikes if you're closer to the edge of the ground. I figured that you need to be as close to him as humanly possible because you don't take ANY damage from the snowballs, instead they only bounce you back like in the Castlevania games. Same applies for the regular snowballs which only the Snow Bills lock their aim at you.

I love how Crazy Towers is basically your signature title now, like something you can easily be associated with.

That's all I have to contribute. Everything else seems to be just fine. Merry Christmas!

Posted by Ambrion 31st December, 2023
Rated : I beat the game after all and I realized that Frank's double jump is intended to be that way, so apologies if I got it wrong the first time
Posted by Jack or John 1st January, 2024

Hope you're having a good New Years right not, Ambrion. I'll be completely honest, Frank was a last minute inclusion for the game because I want to him to be playable in all of the crazy-games. I had to change his physics a bit because it was basically impossible to beat the heat tower with him. The broken platforms have some issue with them were they would set the double-jump count to zero while overlapping them, I just fixed that and the layer of the lights too. The text error in the gallery completely flew over my head, I need to start paying attention more to typos. I had some other ideas for the game I might as well share, like Tammie and the snowman with a blunt were going to be playable. For Tammie, I really want to overhaul her sprites since I think they look really bad and the snowman was just time. The pumpkin salesman was also going to make an appearance, but that never happened either. Glad you enjoyed the game though, probably will be the last crazy-game for a bit though.
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