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Author: Cobra Blade Submitted: 11th October, 2023 Favourites:2
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 128

A Tetromino game I created way back in 2004 using The Games Factory Pro. I often cite it as unreleased, but in reality, 3 people did buy my AnimeVamp CDs I sold on eBay back in the day which included this game along with other projects and demos I was working on at the time. Rather than let it vanish completely... here it is!

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Posted by Joshtek 12th October, 2023

Thanks for posting this game. There's so many commercial and shareware games which are no longer available to buy but aren't available through other means either, so it's great to be able to give everyone a chance to play your game.

...And you get bonus points for a bangin' late 90's / early 00's sound track. Your credits say you used some samples from Music 2000, and it brought back a bunch of good memories of whiling away the hours making music on that PlayStation game.
Posted by Cobra Blade 14th October, 2023

Thank you Joshtek. From memory, I think I created all the music using Music 2000, minus the main title, game over, and perhaps one of the stages. Those were created with a music creator I got on a random cover CD on a PC mag back then.
Posted by Ambrion 19th November, 2023
Rated : This is my current highscore. Really hope there's more because I felt REAL tired when I was about to take a screencap of this score, my eyelids started closing on their own
Posted by Cobra Blade 9th December, 2023

Thanks for the rating Ambrion, really impressed with how far you got. That screenshot was a real flashback for me, and I forgot about this level. Before this version of GemTrix I made a simple single-level prototype. That is what. this level is a tribute to. That and my web host of the time, Mad-Sky, so kind of a mashup of the two things. I can't remember if there will be any levels after it though.
Posted by Ambrion 14th December, 2023
Rated :

Looks like Iíll have to figure it all out by myself. Sounds even more exciting of a journey if you ask me




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