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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Eternal Daughter Game of the Week WinnerThe Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended
An epic platform game and a legendary Klik masterpiece
9 4527 Blackeye Miscellaneous Th.. (10/10) 21st Jun 02
TRIUMPH! is a addictive action shooter of army-sized proportions!
6 6854 Anthony .. Arcade Nuklear41 (9/10) 8th Jul 03
Lost Valley Game of the Week Winner
LOST VALLEY is an action/adventure game
5 2752 MIG2 Adventure Spram (10/10) 26th Jul 03
Destruction Carnival
Enemies galore & fantastic explosions!!
4 448 Museum C.. Action 19th May 09
Fast paced action shooter!
4 237 Museum C.. Shoot 'Em Up 21st May 09
Time to play with your Furry Balls!
4 174 Museum C.. Platformer MrPineap.. (9/10) 22nd May 09
Go a little Bananas!
3 275 Museum C.. Arcade 21st May 09
Go into the jungle and kick some ass!
3 859 Museum C.. Action 21st May 09
Tango Strike
An evil army has risen, and it is up to your small team to shut them down.
3 2334 Museum C.. Action 22nd May 09
Kyoto Village Game of the Week Winner
A long time ago two brothers were born on a far away island...
2 623 hishnak Platformer 25th Aug 05
The Shima Bros
Smart Platformer, help the Shimas!
2 120 Museum C.. Platformer 22nd May 09
GearBolt Rage
Gearbolt Rage is a high pumping shooter!
2 172 Museum C.. Miscellaneous 23rd May 09
Red Feud Game of the Week Winner
A platform/adventure game about 1/8 of ED's size
2 1351 Mårten Adventure podius (.. (9/10) 20th Oct 02
Siege The Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended
Siege blends the strategy and puzzle games!
2 584 Beau[FA] Puzzle Bart (9/10) 11th Feb 02
Freddie Trims a Tree
Point and click adventure game with a Christmas theme
1 47 Museum C.. Adventure BigAl0104 (8/10) 24th Dec 18
Sim-Fish 1.0
Manage a household fish tank in this classic Tamagotchi-inspired sim
1 36 Museum C.. Retro 12th Jan 19
Jonny RPG
Experimental semi-autobiographical action adventure game with RPG elements
1 16 Museum C.. Adventure 2nd Aug 19
Super Ken Senshi Game of the Week Winner
Super Ken Senshi is an online shooter inspired by Raiden 2
1 2111 ben_02 Shoot 'Em Up Pete Nat.. (10/10) 16th Aug 03
Funnie Furies Collection!
2 Furries have to beat eachother up. Enjoy!
1 100 Museum C.. Beat 'Em Up 22nd May 09
Atom Boy 2
Help Atom Boy to arrest the local space Warlord!
1 193 Museum C.. Platformer Phykyloman (4/10) 23rd May 09
Peetoo's Revenge
Sidescrolling classic platform/shooter game!
1 119 Museum C.. Platformer 13th Feb 10
Its about a man who gets accused of being possessed by a spirit..
1 348 hishnak Platformer 29th Oct 05
Monster and Monster Jr.
K&P platformer using the default movement but original graphics
0 12 Museum C.. Platformer 24th Aug 19
Entrance Gate
Entrance Gate is a futuristic platformer that is mainly about the action!
0 3762 jast Action Raincoat.. (8/10) 3rd Sep 02
Macabre Chapter 1 demo
Horror to the Extreme
0 149 Museum C.. Action 19th May 09
Sheep Herding in space!
0 113 Museum C.. Arcade 20th May 09
Survive The Horror!
0 153 Museum C.. Action 20th May 09
Golden Monkey Strike (demo)
Join the crazy world of Golden Monkey Strike!
0 92 Museum C.. Puzzle 20th May 09
Lunatic Rover
You have control of Rover, the happy little purple controlled vehicle.
0 170 Museum C.. Action 20th May 09
BubbleChug 64
Time to Race with your cool Bubble Car!
0 108 Museum C.. Miscellaneous 21st May 09
Dive And Destroy
Dive and Destroy is a fast-paced shoot-em-up
0 127 Museum C.. Miscellaneous 21st May 09
Little Bobby Carter 1 and 2
Both LBC Adventure games in one package!
0 88 Museum C.. Adventure 21st May 09
The Adventures Of Mark Basehore
Horizontal fighting game packed full of enemies and cool moves!
0 239 Museum C.. Beat 'Em Up 21st May 09
Fluffy 1 and 2!
Help Fluffy save his friends, in this fun platformer!
0 127 Museum C.. Platformer 21st May 09
Alien Havoc
Fight the Aliens in this Classic Scary Action Adventure game!
0 160 Museum C.. Action 21st May 09
The Ultimate Tremor Collection!
This entire Tremor collection should give you hours of exploding fun!
0 173 Museum C.. Action 21st May 09
BII-NARY: The War Against Pop-Ups
Lead BI-NARY into the TRO-JAN computer to stop a swarm of lethal pop-ups.
0 759 Spydaman Arcade Canazza (8/10) 14th Aug 02
Crop Crusador
Intense arcade action that has you coming back for more!
0 95 Museum C.. Miscellaneous 22nd May 09
Guide yourself to safety!
0 114 Museum C.. Miscellaneous 22nd May 09
Fireworks 1 and 2!
Blow up as many things as you can before you die!
0 84 Museum C.. Arcade 23rd May 09
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