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Review: BII-NARY: The War Against Pop-Ups
Author: Canazza
Added: 16/08/2002

Well... what can i say. Two Bi-nary games in about 2 months. Well done. And this is just as good and chalenging as the first one and i think i spotted some extra things i believe were not in the original.

If you havn't played this or the original, go into a corner and spank yourself. then come here and read the rest of this:
You are a little computer program who was created to destroy a virus created to destroy all the data on the server. You must navigate your way through cyber space shooting pop-ups and tank-viruses. Just what every e-junkie ever wanted to do.

The animations are fluid, as is the engine. Not only can you jump, there is a pseudo-bullet-time mode that you can get by picking up certain tokens, i'm not sure what value this has but it's bloody cool.

I think this game rocks, i think it's great, but it's by no means perfect, for instance, there is no chance to restart a level, so no matter how far you got you can't go back to that level and must start from the begining, i find that frustrating and a bit annoying. So i'm docking points... but go play it, it's addictive.


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