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Review: BII-NARY: The War Against Pop-Ups
Author: Zero
Added: 31/08/2002

Hmmm, my review of BII-NARY... Where to start..

Well, how about, this game is absolutely amazing. Everything works quite well to create an addictive way to spend some free time.

The graphics are quite detailed, and incredibly animated. Better than a lot of professional games I've seen. (could be a bit larger, but that's just a small gripe, it's quite good anyway.)

Control is quick, responsive, and nearly flawless. The only problem that I ever encountered was a few times when I found myself skidding around the stage because I worked up a bit too much momentum. Overall, top notch.

The sound was good, including the little voice sample when BINARY takes damage, it fit the character, I think. The music isn't as memorable as a few games I've played, but that doesn't mean it was bad by any means.

Difficulty was one thing that kind of frustrated me. I know it's an arcade style game, meaning you must work meticulously for any kind of decent score, and if anyone remembers Daimakaimura/Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, insane difficulty should be pretty familiar territory. One thing that added to the slight stress was completely starting over after you died, a couple of lives would have made things a bit more tolerable.

Gameplay - Astounding, purely astounding. It was a simple concept, stretched as far as it could go, and still managed not to break. Shoot computers and various enemies, all the while bouncing around the stage, collecting items, and not trying to get killed. All quite reminiscent of the games I played when I was younger.

Overall, quite a nice experience that I don't mind going through time and time again. Keep up the good work!



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