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BII-NARY: The War Against Pop-Ups
Author: Spydaman Submitted: 14th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 991

Edited By Rikus on 5/23/2009

This game is part of the Klik-Museum

BI-NARY bounces back in this follow up to the coolio arcade platformer. Lead BI-NARY into the TRO-JAN computer to stop a swarm of lethal pop-ups.

It's been several weeks since the Natomic website was ravaged and almost destroyed by a deadly virus, but thanx to BI-NARY, the threat was eliminated and the virus destroyed. But things were still not spiffy as the Natomic host suddenly vanishes without a trace. The team are forced to track down a replacement, eventually finding the free service, TRO-JAN. With their new host, things seem to be looking up until the website becomes infested with annoying, evil, scheming, pop-ups, threatening to overload the system. And it seems the pop-ups have brought a familiar virus with them. The team once again call on the aid of BI-NARY, sending him deep into the depths of the TRO-JAN computer to destroy the source of the virus and pop-ups.

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Posted by Spydaman 14th August, 2002

Downloadable version is available on the page linked.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 14th August, 2002

no i liked the first one better.. but hey! =)
Posted by citizen[Ac] 14th August, 2002

Natomic is like the Klik Pimp, pumping out quality game after quality game. nice game spyda
Posted by T.U.G.A. 14th August, 2002

suuuure,Ill give er a try
Posted by artisan rune 14th August, 2002

the first rocked and i hope the second is just as good! I hope that there will also be another BI-NARY game.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 14th August, 2002

This is a great game. I wasnt such a fan of the first,but this one rox. The level design is very good
Posted by Forbidden 14th August, 2002

you should bring out a full game based on the bi-nary idea. Clan Horse attacks natomic, and its up to bi-nary to save natomic, and the rest of the internet.
Posted by SplinTAH 15th August, 2002

Forbidden thats the crapest comment i've ever heard XD
Posted by T.U.G.A. 15th August, 2002

clan horse? OMG those guys are so stupid. They dont even know how to hack
Posted by Jason Orme 15th August, 2002

the character is a chao from Sonic Adventure!
Posted by Spydaman 15th August, 2002 it isn't XD
Posted by Spydaman 15th August, 2002

This is a chao
Posted by Canazza 16th August, 2002

ach... twin review. shadow, rikus, club, delete 1 of them.
Posted by Death Reaper X 16th August, 2002

I suck at the game but it's wicKed, it's nice to feel how smooth it is-YES I AM STILL TALKING ABOUT THE GAME you rude people! Only thing I would have liked is an option to see it fullscreen mode to get that classic feeling. But other than that, it rules :) Nice work Spidy XD
Posted by SoftWarewolf 16th August, 2002

i think this game lost its style the first one had all green and black and red viruses here all the walls are blue and on the menu his sitting angry in a big chair so i think the first one got better style if u make another one make it 640x480 ;)
Posted by Shen 16th August, 2002

Argh, I keep getting fire and jump mixed up :(
Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

The game rocks!I dowloaded it (thinking it was some cheap getup) but when I tryed it it wasn't half bad.
Posted by ACE_Spark 16th August, 2002

Nice game. The Extreme difficulty is the only problem. I think was Jason (J-soft) meant that the character looked like a Chao, which he does. :-D Cool game tho. His shooting reminds me of megaman..
Posted by Muggus 17th August, 2002

I like it! I'm no good at it cause I keep on exploding, but it's really good! Well done!
Posted by Gibson 18th August, 2002

Hey!I'm now forth I was second what gives?!
Posted by Gibson 18th August, 2002

Oops!My spelling ain't that good!
Posted by Gibson 19th August, 2002

To inform anyone here if you like Bii-Nary spydaman says hes making yet another Bii-Nary game cool eh?
Posted by Zero 31st August, 2002

Amazing, just amazing. I have yet to find a game that seems this polished. (I think I need to look around a bit though. I haven't downloaded that much from the DC, but I've played quite a few Klik games...) Keep it up, and I can't wait to see what comes in the future.
Posted by Spug 31st August, 2002

This... is simply a great game. It's got a very nice flow and feeling to it. The graphics rule, the controls are great... Just wow. I love this game.
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 17th April, 2005

All I get is a blank screen and "MODE NOT SUPPORTED". You've used a strange resolution mode.
Posted by guri-n ha 27th April, 2005

Have you noticed that this game is nearly 3 years old XD






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