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Author: Spydaman Submitted: 18th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 1059
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Edited By Rikus on 5/23/2009

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Just a lil vitalize game I was working on and due to the suggestion of my peers I decided to post it here.

2 mins before the launching of the Natomic Studios website, the database is struck down by a deadly techno virus, threatening to wipe out months of hard work. The virus has taken the digital form of tanks, drawing power from various conduits within the system. The Natomic Team realize they must launch the website in order to succeed in klik domination and so construct the perfect A.I programmed soldier to send in and rid the server of the techno terrorizing tanks. Enter BI-NARY! The ultimate digital lifeform with a appetite for kicking digital ass!

Check it out, see if you can beat the top 10 scores ;p

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Posted by T.U.G.A. 18th July, 2002

pretty unique story. Im downloading it right now.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 18th July, 2002

*Im gonna play it right now
Posted by Simdrone052 18th July, 2002

OMG, I was gonna make a game like this, grrrr...
Posted by Simdrone052 18th July, 2002

BTW, the best Vitalize game I have played to date. Equal to project 053...
Posted by Caderay 18th July, 2002

Great game, put it on the front page already Rikus! :D
Posted by vortex2 18th July, 2002

good graphics, nice story, best vitalize game i have seen in a while :) . the only bad points are the game is a bit to hard, and a variable diffuclty selector would be nice, but it is still a very good game. i think this game would be good as a full scale ,full screen game as well :).
Posted by 18th July, 2002

:(:(:(:(:(well it loaded the game,but it said i needed some extensions.The first one downloading got to 21% and stopped.This also happens to game sometimes.They get to a certain percent then stop loading period.It didnt do this when i first got it.PLEASE HELP:(:(:(:(:(:'(
Posted by FlameCritter 18th July, 2002

Derek - that use to happen to me too.. it doesn't now, I have IE6, the full vitalize version, and that IE6 Vitalize patch. Get those then try it.
Posted by FlameCritter 18th July, 2002

Also, scan your hard drive for viruses and stuff... i think i had loads of viruses when it wouldn't load right for me
Posted by FlameCritter 18th July, 2002

BTW - Really neat game. Make some more!
Posted by Rikus 19th July, 2002

Could you upload it as an exe file? So people who dont have vitalize can play it?
Posted by Spydaman 19th July, 2002

There's a downloadable version available at the Natomic website ;)
Posted by 19th July, 2002

Posted by 19th July, 2002

Posted by 19th July, 2002

Spydaman you had no right to delete my score!I got that score fairly.Its just like me saying you got your score unfairly.
Posted by 19th July, 2002

or whoever you got to delete it
Posted by Spydaman 19th July, 2002

I know for a fact that there's no way you could get that score in the game unless it was a cheat or a bug, therefore when I 1st saw it I assumed u had cheated and removed it. Even if u finished it without losing any time or energy u wouldn't get more than 7200 points. Sorry for any distress caused, nuthin personal itsa bizniz <=)
Posted by 19th July, 2002

hehe lol.Well sorry.Maybe i can help find the bug.
Posted by Spydaman 19th July, 2002

That'd be great thanx
Posted by 19th July, 2002

i think i found it,but this site wont let me send you mail.It says please post every time i go.
Posted by ben_02 20th July, 2002

You have to go to literally. NOT only. BTW I love BI-NARY! It's genius. Wheres the music from?
Posted by Spydaman 20th July, 2002

Thanx Ben and thanx for the review Buster. The title screen music was composed by fellow Natomic member Yoshiman, the ingame music is Mirai Trunks' theme from DBZ.
Posted by Yoshiman 23rd July, 2002

Title screen music was composed by fellow moi *Proud :D
Posted by Dogzer 23rd July, 2002

this game is really nicely done.
Posted by Erik 24th July, 2002

I wish i could make platform movement this good. Eny one know a good tutorial. (Realy good work spydaman. I liked it) Its not that easy making graphics in the same greenish colors. So nice graphs to.
Posted by Alex Mangel 24th July, 2002

Wow, awesome man, this game is REALLY good (A little hard though) and I really like the graphics. Great game :)
Posted by Georgie 24th July, 2002

DIDN"T MEAN TO POST the 5* review. I forgot to change the stars in that one, the second 9* one is mine. >:( I WILL GET #1
Posted by Anthony Lopes 24th July, 2002

Sweet! the Graphics rock and the game play is solid. My favorite Vitalize game yet! The music is "Will Power" from the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z, and the hit sound for you checter is Goku from the Jp ver of DBZ as well! Good use of DBZ stuff!
Posted by Spydaman 24th July, 2002

Nice to see somebody knows their DBZ sfx =D. Don't worry bout that 5 review Georgie ;) thanx for the review.
Posted by This Guy 27th July, 2002

Posted by Beppo 2nd September, 2002

I love this graphic style, really. The game is very fun but it will be better with full screen... Why don't you make it a full game??






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