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Review: BI-NARY
Author: Max
Added: 22/07/2002

I feel lazy today, so I'll just stick with my opinions on the game, without splitting them into categories or something

This is a great little fun game. I really like the retro-styled graphics of the game, since they look very cool and fit with the game theme. However, I didn't liked it when my character started hovering a bit over the ground or totally passed through platforms when hitting them from under. The tanks also are annoying. They should only speed up whenever they see you. Music is great and fits through the game. I've managed to finish the game once and got about 6000 points, how do you get higher scores on this game? Although a single game of BI-NARY is short, you'll want to play many other rounds of it over and over again. This is a good solid Vitalize game, and the download is just a mere 500k! Download it right now, period.


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