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Review: BII-NARY: The War Against Pop-Ups
Author: Sandu Vlad
Added: 05/04/2005

The marks I give aren't because I don't like the I don't like this game. Ill try to make this review fair.

The Presentation is better than average with a cool pose of our hero, a rather unusual storyline and a complete introduction.

As for the gameplay hiding behind that wicked front screen... there are only 2 different enemies and only 1 level and the difficulty level is more than extreme. There is also a slow motion power-up, but

The graphics are all one piece (meaning that they fit toghether), but they are also very simple. A lot of people could draw them. The good part is that the movement is extremely smooth.

The music isn't special -I'm not saying it's bad- but the sound you get when you're hurt... OUCH that really scratched my brain.

The Lastability... 1 level which, if you're good, is made so that you should be able to finish it in 3 minutes + time you get from power-ups(not much). And trust me, it's so frustrating that I don't think you'll get to the tenth try before throwing it out the window. I will never touch it again. Be banished Satan!!!

Overall I'll give it a five. Actually I felt as if it needed a three, but then I realized I had given it an eight, a six and a five, and it didn't quite fit in. That's mostly because of the extreme difficulty, and the number of levels and of enemies. The only downright good thing about it is that it has an online high-score table.

I am writing this sentence to get rid of those 75 characters I still need to be able to post. Sorry, but what the hell amm I supposed to say?

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