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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Spram
Added: 27/07/2003

I never expected some game to come out of the shadows and make my games look bad in comparison.

I really like this game. Want to know how much I like it? Well, if it came out for the Gameboy Advance, I'd buy it... And not only that, but it would be the second best adventure game on the platform (second to Zelda: Four Swords). It's this good.

Of course, there are a few badthings, let's get them out of the way so I can start praising the (many) good parts.

One bad thing about this game is that it's full of small benign bugs. For example, when you go to the subscreen and come back, the enemies respawn. It's not as bad as it seems. The hit detection is not perfect and it on my computer, the resolution is bit screwy, the edges of the screen bleed out of the monitor and I cant see my life or read some stuff.

Ok, that's the bad, here's the good/bad (depending on your point of view). The graphics are ripped, but it's not really that bad since they all have the same style (and I mean all, the overworld and side-scrolling dungeons).

Ok, here's the praise. First of all, the game is huge. I'm talking about Zelda huge. Final Fantasy huge. Mig doesn't exagerate when he says that the game takes at least 30 hours to beat. I've just gotten to the 2nd dungeon (there seem to be 12) and I've already played 1 to 2 hours. This game is so big it's worth the download.

Another great thing is all the data the game looks after. You can gain levels (kill enemies for exp), buy weapons, shields and armor. Get items, magical powers.. etc.. Just like you could expect from any great commercial adventure game out there.

Another good point is the variety of gameplay. There are two main modes: Bird's eye view overworld (it's huge) and the palaces, which play more like one of the old arcade fantasy plataformers or Zelda 2: Link's Adventure. Both engines are good, not the best, but they're better than the custom ones and just as good as most of the 16-bit games of the era.

The music, (which seems to be ripped from obscure games, including one tune from the 7th Saga) fit's the game perfectly. You wont really have any complaints here.

The graphics, as you can see in the screenshots are great (although ripped). Nothing stands out as having a different style. Even if they're low-color, they look proffesional (oh wai, they are proffesional) I would rather have original graphics to give the game it's own look, but not everyone can make sprites like Derek Yu (Blackeye Software).

And finally, the people/person who made this game know something or two about good game/level design. There is no wasted empty space, the game is difficult without being unfair and there's enough variety in the game to keep you moving and never getting bored. You might get lost a little, but that's part of the charm and it's not like you'll get super lost. If you die, you go back to your last save point, but you'll still have the exp and items you got in your last journey. The game is well done above all.

So, is it the best "Click" game ever? To me it's still not as great as Eternal Daughter (but I finished ED and not this one so I might change opinion if something great happens) but it's up there with it. But it is very probable that a lot of you will like it more than ED, and to me, it's second to it.

Congratulations, Mig.

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