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Kyoto Village
Author: hishnak Submitted: 25th August, 2005 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 835
Game of the Week Winner

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Game Created by: Hishnak

Kyoto Village was made in TGF and I started it way back in 2003 and since then its been through a lot of changes. This is my very first complete game but I’ve been clicking for a while now. All the graphics are original and the music came from


A long time ago two brothers were born on a far away island. Each child was given half of a magic scythe. The scythe was used to cut the golden grain so that the island would prosper for one hundred more years. The babies grew into boys and one day as they were trudging through the forest a terrible dragon dropped from the sky and snatched one of the twins from his feet. That day the twin vowed he would one day find his brother and restore prosperity to the island.


Kyoto Village has a complete Custom Movement including.

-Super Jump
-Pushing Boxes and statues
-Cracking Boxes
-Jump through platforms
-Moving platforms
-Slope Support

The game has twelve levels with four areas.


Items and Weapons

You start out with a sword that you can attack enemies with and you can also jump on there heads.
Later in the game you can pick up axes, throwing stars, and pick axes.
Each level also has crystals scattered about it and if you collect all of them at the end of the level you will receive a one up.

Kyoto village also includes a save feature to store your progress. After every three levels your game is automatically saved.
If you beat the entire game you will unlock the extras which include the original version of Kyoto Village and a mini game.
The game also features some spiffy graphics and some cool particle effects(thanks to peblo’s particle object tutorial.)

I did all the coding and graphics and Sensation tested the game for me.

-Move, arrow keys
-Jump, shift
-Attack, ctrl
-Use secondary weapon, Z
-Hold ctrl to run

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Posted by The Chris Street 25th August, 2005

This looks absolutely amazing. Download tomorrow :D
Posted by Noyb 25th August, 2005

Fun so far. I made it to the crystal caves. Some bugs: Getting an extra life when you already have 3 lives makes it look as if you only have one life. I couldn't pick up one of the crystals hidden behind a crate in the second cave level. The pushable crates don't respawn, so if you mistakenly push them off the level, you'll have to kill youself. When pushing a crate towards an enemy charging at you, it will run through the crate. Oh, and check your appdrive$ + appdir$ stuff, because that starts the savefiles' names in the windows directory.
Posted by Chris Reiben 25th August, 2005

A very good game ^^ recomended PD: can you upload the platform engine of this game please? T_T i like it
Posted by AndyUK 25th August, 2005

very nice, especially the graphics.
Posted by hishnak 25th August, 2005

Thanks for the comments. As you can see, graphics are my main thing. On the other hand, I stink at coding. Noyb, the crates are never required to get somewhere. If you need to go higher on a jump just run(you can run on a small space by holding ctrl and rapidly pushing left and right) Phizzy, I have never had that problem before and neither has my tester.
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 26th August, 2005

it's pretty sweet. I like the SOM soundtrack. I got stuck on a barrel running up the hill in the second part of kyoto village, though..
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 26th August, 2005

Posted by hishnak 26th August, 2005

I'm just saying that how am I supposed to fix a bug that I never found and that my tester never found and as far as I know doesn't exist. If other people start having that problem I'll look into it.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 26th August, 2005

Wow this looks really cool, downloading now.
Posted by Imadjinn 26th August, 2005

It's a decent game, but after the second level I just got bored... Pretty sure it's a GotW contender but it just wasn't my cup of tea...
Posted by The Chris Street 26th August, 2005

There are some bugs in the game: 1. You can fall off the sides of the screen (usually the right side) 2. Sometimes the player is caught in scenery and he slides up until he is standing on a platform 3. For me at least, the game runs in a tiny window with a massive black border. Wheres the full-screeniness?! 4. Some enemies refused to die, no matter how many times I hit them. 5. The levels are very repetitive. Other than all that, its a very solid game. I recommend the download.
Posted by 卍 chicken14528 卍 26th August, 2005

"It's a decent game, but after the second level I just got bored... Pretty sure it's a GotW contender but it just wasn't my cup of tea..." id have to say those are my thoughts exactly. and its a shame really, cause the graphics are so well done
Posted by Dustin Gunn 26th August, 2005

kickin rad beard, and a nice game aswell
Posted by hishnak 26th August, 2005

"1. You can fall off the sides of the screen (usually the right side)" I can't find any place that would happen. If you could point out the levels were this occurs I would apreciate it so I can look to see whats going on. The only way I think that could happen is if you super jumped up the side of the screen:P
Posted by Peblo 27th August, 2005

O.o I'm useful! Yay for particles! Nice game, btw.
Posted by Liquixcat 27th August, 2005

It's good, little repetitive and a few bugs. Thumbs up though.
Posted by Snakesoft 27th August, 2005

Very good platform, as a first complete game!! Quite fun, good looking, fair programming. Make yours all the constructive criticisms, and if you want to keep going on platforms, study carefully the classics of the genre on Snes/Amiga/ecc.. with some more experience you can make a hit!
Posted by Zethell 27th August, 2005

Hmm, Nice game ^_^ (y)
Posted by hop 27th August, 2005

Very, very good graphics. Fun game too, but it gets boring just cause it's kind of simple. I'm really getting bored of simple platformers. Not that they're not fun to play initially, it's just that I would never finish a simple platformer that was long. Good job though.
Posted by The Chris Street 27th August, 2005

Hishnak: it usually happened on the right hand side of the screen, after making sure I didn't touch the scroll. You need better testers ;)
Posted by Bear Cub 28th August, 2005

liked the engine and the graphics are made as well! nice plot too :)
Posted by RedHades 28th August, 2005

The platforme movement is well done. But I'm pretty sure that I've seen some of those enemies in an snes game. You have a few ripped stuff in there dont you?
Posted by hishnak 28th August, 2005

I got the idea for the rock dudes from a snes I game.
Posted by Ollie 28th August, 2005

Reminds me of eternal daughter but the platform engine is better! if you corrected all the bugs and made the screen better this game could be awsome.
Posted by Adam CR 28th August, 2005

Its pretty fun. Good work! The only things I noticed are that there's no help file even though there's a link to one in the menu bar and there's a couple grammar errors. ('he would on day find his brother')
Posted by Keatontech! 2nd September, 2005

Nice Game! I have a feeling this will win GotW, maybe because it's already in first by 37 votes (well, it was last I checked). A few bugs, but other than that, great game!
Posted by Derek_Reaves 3rd September, 2005

The gameplay is ok :P. Kinda buggy. Second lvl 2 enemies were on top of me, killed both, then couldnt walk left or right. I could only jump.(my lives read zero, but im still in the lvl :/.) Nice work on the gfx, hope you don't mind if i throw some C&C in at em :P. Some of the graphics clash. The houses and plants are really bright colored and less detailed, compared to the other background objects (mainly the rocks under the grass). Also some of your platforms just cut off, in a straight line, without having any other tiles to smoothe the edges. Those grey rocks in the background also dont seem to fit, they have a more cel-shaded style compared to the other graphics :P.
Posted by Zethell 3rd September, 2005

Game of the week, Grats :D allthou we all saw it comming xD
Posted by Lukas Hägg 28th September, 2005

The graphics are really nice and the gameplays pretty solid. Haven't played it much but from what I've seen it's nice. Though I must say that the premise is extremely weird and would need some tweaking.
Posted by Mruqe 21st March, 2006

Great pixel art!
Posted by jpSoul 6th July, 2006

link doesn't work..... it will be great that the games are stocked in TDC server, most of the old games have disapeared !
Posted by Rikus 7th February, 2008
Rated :

Fixed the download
Posted by Ricky 12th February, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Airflow 25th February, 2008
Rated :

The graphics remind me of SuperKenSenshi.
Posted by Jess Bowers 18th May, 2009

Fantastic game! His other games, Christmas Stone and Samhaim are just as good, too.





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