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Treasure Adventure Game
Author: Klayman Submitted: 12th December, 2011 Favourites:8
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 878
1st Place     (4.92 / 5)

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Treasure Adventure Game is a retro-inspired, open world, 2D, platform adventure game. It's a love story to the games of my youth that gave me countless hours of joy. TAG could most easily be described as a unique mash-up of Super Mario Bros 2 and Wind Waker.

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Posted by Toadsanime 14th December, 2011

Had the beta of this downloaded already apparentely, unsure if I ever got around to testing it out as I still have around 1000 games to get around to.

The title's a little generic, but it actually looks REALLY good so the screenshots and description have definitely helped you out there. I'll be sure to check it out, downloading now.
Posted by Pixelthief 14th December, 2011

I think its always good to write "As seen on PCGamer"!
Its quite a nice indy romp
Posted by Duncan 14th December, 2011

YES! It's here!
Posted by Dave C 15th December, 2011

downloading now.. 100mb? haha how is a low res game like this 100mb? must be the music...........
Posted by devidballa 16th December, 2011

i finished the game with 98% but got the bad ending. how can i get other endings?
Posted by Chrisbo 16th December, 2011

Can't seem to download just goes to a blank page.
Posted by Otter 16th December, 2011
Rated :

Yeah I can't seem to download either. Any chance you can find a host besides gamefront? Or is it the only one willing to take a download this big?
Posted by Del Duio 16th December, 2011

This game is great but it takes a long time to load up when I run the .exe.

I haven't played much past the first town yet, but I plan to!
Posted by UrbanMonk 17th December, 2011
Rated :

Great! Release!
Posted by s-m-r 17th December, 2011

Hey, you finished it! Well done, Klayman.

I'll have a go at this one very soon.
Posted by Videogameget 18th December, 2011
Rated :

Well done game! you deserve 5 out of 5

i love it!
Posted by Jon C-B 18th December, 2011
Rated :

Fantastic. It makes he happy to see such a great and long developed game finally be released!
Posted by Jon C-B 18th December, 2011
Rated :

Just submitted a review
Posted by Windybeard Games 19th December, 2011
Rated :

cant download, site saying some sort of Proxy error???

"The response from the server contained duplicate headers. This problem is generally the result of a misconfigured website or proxy. Only the website or proxy administrator can fix this issue."

Comment edited by Windybeard Games on 12/19/2011
Posted by Otter 19th December, 2011
Rated :

Yeah, if there's any chance of a different host anywhere tat you can find Klayman, please do. I don't even have a firewall on, popup blocker off, but I can't seem to work with this filfont site.
Posted by Duncan 19th December, 2011

I stumbled at the first pyramid and didn't play for a few days - the beetles killed me a bunch of times even with a purple hat. Couple this with an arbitrary wait for the door to open, and it's torture (maybe there's a way to wait or rest I haven't figured out yet?)

Otherwise, awesome stuff so far
Posted by Lazernaut 19th December, 2011
Rated :

ust a heads up - the download site is total crap. In Chrome I just get an error message (Error 349 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION)). In IE6 (not updated because I don't use IE) it keeps saying that I need to approve the download but it still won't let me download. I had to go and set as a trusted site to get it to let me download.
Posted by Windybeard Games 19th December, 2011
Rated :

Damn i want to play this but i just cant download it, until its moved to another site im going to have to leave it.
Posted by Lazernaut 20th December, 2011
Rated :

Now I had a chance to actually play the game. The atosphere is great and it's really fun
Posted by Alonso Martin 21st December, 2011

I cannot play the game I only get a screengrab of the desktop to display within the 3x game window. I can hear sounds, but no graphics.
Posted by Nicklas_N 21st December, 2011

I'm very impressed! Looking forward to get more into this game. You should however make text be drawn much, much, much faster. Now I have to double hit Z everytime I talk to somebody since the letters appear slower than I normally read, and when NPC's say really short things, I miss those lines out because I always double hit Z. Second, you should probably rename Setup.exe to Settings.exe, I thought the game came with some kind of installer.
Posted by Otter 21st December, 2011
Rated :

I found another download of the game here I used-

Must say, I'm definitely enjoying it so far! My only bad comment is that the difficulty curve in the beginning was a little steep, I find myself getting killed by spiders a lot! I also don't like how the character slides really bad. But I'm sure once I get the hang of stuff it'll all come into place though I'll rate this game when I'm farther along, playing really good so far though! And the whole beginning sequence, especially the credits, is pretty bad ass!
Posted by Windybeard Games 22nd December, 2011
Rated :

Just managed to download it, AWESOME so far, everything is great. The atmosphere, the graphics, music, gameplay and everything else is superb.
Posted by bernie[FA] 22nd December, 2011
Rated :

Very nice game! Well done. Please make more.
Posted by Otter 22nd December, 2011
Rated :

Just beat the first boss! Freeroam time now
While I still stand by the beginning difficulty curve being a little too high, this truly is a great game! We need more game like this to show what good a software clickteam creates! Kudoes!
Posted by MeadowHare 27th December, 2011
Rated :

Simply Awesome. Very high quality, and very refined. Keep up the excellent work!
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 28th December, 2011
Rated :

Impressive game, very well done in all fields. I found some minor flaws and annoyances here and there, but overall excellent! Congrats!
Posted by Jason Orme 31st December, 2011

This needs to be on Steam.
Posted by Videogameget 5th January, 2012
Rated :

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 6th January, 2012
Rated :

I just got the time to try this out and man, is it magic! ;O
G-R-E-A-T so far! I'll delve deeper into the seas and return with a rating in a jiffy!
Thanks Klay, for making this <3
Posted by david-clarke 6th January, 2012

Excellent game!!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 8th January, 2012
Rated :

Finished and loved it!
Hats off to you Klayman, I can't wait to find out what you're up to next!
Posted by looki 14th January, 2012
Rated :

Great gameplay and presentation, you can see that a lot of effort was put into it. My only complaint so far is that the graphical quality (which is excellent, partially) differs strongly from area to area. Other than that, awesome.
Posted by Sketchy 15th January, 2012

Doesn't work. Can't even get past the intro sequence in the boat without it getting stuck (it just starts ignoring key presses).
Posted by eliris 3rd March, 2012
Rated :

don't know where to go at the worm cave, i already got to the second save point, then at the place when there are those gas that makes you fly,:0 super fun though!
Comment edited by eliris on 3/5/2012
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th March, 2012
Rated :

I dare say this is the best game on this site!
Best Klik game I've ever played for sure!

I need to finish it soon.

I'm using it as inspiration for my own game, hope you don't mind!

Are you working on anything new now Klayman?
Posted by jamesh 16th May, 2012


I'd like to play this, but the link seems to be down!
Posted by iAlex 24th June, 2012

I neeee help im on the title screen but i cant do anything! I did run the setup but there is like no save button i just close out of it! HElp me






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