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Review: Treasure Adventure Game
Author: Jon C-B
Added: 18/12/2011

Treasure Adventure Game is the long await epic release from Klayman. Over 2 years of work have been put into this classic game and it clearly shows.The game blends adventure and rpg elements into an engaging and enjoyable experience.


The game has a lighthearted and colorful tone, which shines though the music, dialogue, and graphics. Tons of effort has been put into creating realism in this game, such as the day and night cycle and random weather effects. The controls are simple and the player movement feels very responsive.

-Gameplay TAG is a 2D free roaming adventure exploration game. Through out the coarse of the game you visit over 12 unique islands, each with their own places to discover and explore. As you progress through the game you find 12 different items to use that will each help you access new places and find secrets. But what really matters is that this game is extremely fun to play.

-Graphics The pixelated graphics in Treasure Adventure Game are all very well made and diverse. All the graphics are colorful and each different place you discover is unique. Though some enemies are simple re-colorings of different enemies, the game still manages to look great regardless.

-Sound & Music All the music in this game is very catchy and pleasant, i love how it blends from one track to another, for example the theme of one island changes to the theme for sailing. I think it is a very nice touch. All the sound effects are very good as well, and help to add even more feeling to this great game.

-Lastability This game is one of the longest Klik games i have ever played. With all the different islands to explore and the large amount of secret items to uncover, this game will last most people a long time. And the fact that there is multiple endings helps to increase that longevity greatly.

-Conclusion This game is definately in the top 5 Klik games i have ever played, it is a true top quality game. This may even be the final game to ever be submitted to The Daily Click, and i really wouldn't have that any other way. I hope many, many people will play and enjoy this game, it is a true testament to what Clickteam software and talented game developers can accomplish.

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