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Little Penguin's Big Arctic Adventure
Author: Klayman Submitted: 10th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 501

Edited By Klayman on 1/5/2009

This is an incomplete game, however I don't plan on finishing it anytime soon.

In this game you play a penguin on an adventure of his lifetime. Aliens have abducted his friends and his girlfriend and now this one, tiny, insignificant penguin has to stop these aliens from taking over the Arctic. But during his quest he's going to meet new allies, new enemies, and some eskimos. I'm interested in what people will think of the game. Depending on how well it's recieved I may just finish it after all. Almost all the graphics are original.

There are some bugs, I know. But nothing that should keep you from enjoying the game. Also, if you'd like to try the final boss battle, it's partially completed. Just enter "big" for the password. I hope you enjoy it.

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Posted by mike 10th August, 2002

hey! phoey! i was just gonna make a game like that!
Posted by Kevin Smets 10th August, 2002

Good game! Reminds me of "Peanut the Penguin" series from the old AOL days. One thing though, give an option for joystick control! Joystick! Joystick! Joystick!
Posted by HOSJ 10th August, 2002

nice digital camera use on the backgrounds ;) altho im gunna use some PHOTOS for my game...
Posted by Mårten 11th August, 2002

Great work, you should really finish this one off! You have a great sense for videogames, both graphically and in game play. Variety is the best quality a game can have and it's often the variety that holds a great platform game out of the pile of average, even amongst proffessional ones. With a steady platform engine and maybe original music this could really be a classic. Ask if you want any help with anything.
Posted by Canazza 11th August, 2002

i love penguins too... my first release was penguin hunter... followed by 2 sequals (they were all crap so don't bother asking for them, i don;t have them)
Posted by Muggus 11th August, 2002

That game severely rocks! How sooo need to continue that! That's up there with the likes of Watkins I reckon! That's how good it is!
Posted by thewreck 12th August, 2002

dammit he used the chacka boo cannon challenge music!!! .. well mayby it doesnt belong to that game, but still
Posted by thewreck 12th August, 2002

dammit he used the chacka boo cannon challenge music!!! .. well mayby it doesnt belong to that game, but still
Posted by thewreck 12th August, 2002

Posted by thewreck 13th August, 2002

awsome game accaully.. i like it very much, it not so much the playing part, more the charachters and the conversations and the sounds.. yummy.
Posted by thewreck 13th August, 2002

oh and i like how the game warns you about incoming rocks, and that type of gameplay, it really keeps it fun
Posted by richy486 13th August, 2002

Nice game, looks like you pay attention to detail. Finish it please.
Posted by bhlaab 13th August, 2002

Wow, this game was a lot better than I thought it would be. Really good, one of the best click games yet.
Posted by HOSJ 14th August, 2002

Yes it is detailed, however the password: chicken roll is too long for the box and the volcano is BUG CITY..... we ended up doing the cave endlessly :(
Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

Sorry I said that my sister's supid dog me woke at 3:25am this morning(Sleepy...Snore)
Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

See I put "dog"and"me"wrong way round
Posted by David Evans 28th August, 2002

I like the help page but I CAN'T GET PAST THE FIRST CAVE!!! (are there any cheats?)
Posted by Mark 31st August, 2002

MasterM, Volleyfire being a really cool gb game? Mmmm.
Posted by Blackstorm 8th September, 2002

Hmm... The final boss battle reminds me of the Final Boss, off Kirby's Adventure... Is that where you got the idea?






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